Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi

آرٹس کونسل آف پاکستان کراچی‎


Mr. Daniyal Umer
Executive Director
Syed Ali Darain
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Irfanullah Khan
Director Administration
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Mr. Arman Rahim
Director Academic
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Mr. Shahid Mehmood Shahid
Head of IT Department
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Ms. Shahla Mehmood
Media Manager
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Mrs. Shahida Israr Kanwal
Manager Program
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Mr. Nazar Hussain
Coordinator (Theatre)
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Yawer Shahzad
Manager Implementation & Vigilance
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Arts Council Institute of Arts & Crafts (ACIAC)

Mr. Shahid Rassam

Shahid is a renowned Pakistani Canadian painter and sculptor. He dabbles in writing and is a passionaterights activist and educationist. He is the Principal of Arts Council Central Institute of Arts and Craft, Pakistan.

Shahid Rassam is currently leading ACIAC as Principal since 2018.  Since he is in charge there are several positive changes anyone can witness. Objective is to make ACIAC in top list of Global institutes for Arts and Crafts.

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Mr. Ubaid Syed
Fine Arts Instructor

Ubaid Syed Is a visual artist and lives in Karachi. He is currently teaching Fine Arts at ACIAC, hold several National & International Exhibitions & Workshops, since 1989. He is a member of Swedish National Artist's Organisation "KRO". He has worked as a freelance artist for a Swedish magazine "Sydasien". He has studied Arts in Karachi and Sweden and has done his masters from BaluchistanUniversity.

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Mr. Aamir Ijaz
Textile Instructor

Aamir Ijaz Is a free-sprited textile designer who is blessed with art of creative designing. Been in the field of textile designing for last 20 years and has worked as a designer in Nishat Textiles Faislabad, Sanaullah Woolen Mill Karachi, Chemitex Industries Karachi and worked as textile teacher in North City School of Arts, Aryan College of Arts and Architecture, Mashkoor School of Arts and now working as HOD Textile Designer in Arts Council Institute of Arts and Crafts since 1994.

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Mr. Saleem Raza
Drawing & Sculpture Instructor

Mr. Saleem Raza Graduated with a degree of BFA in Sculpture from NCA, Lahore. He has been a part of multiple exhibitions in Pakistan and has also worked in stop motion animation with Matteela films. He is also an avid puppetry enthusiast and has conducted puppetry workshop for the UK based charity Tearfund in Pakistan for Afghan Refugees. He is a faculty member of the ACIAC.

Mr. Munir Shah
Sculpture Instructor

Mr. Munir Shah born on 3rd August, 1965 at Rawalpindi, started learning Painting at a very early age of 10 years at Khair Ahmed Khairi Studio. He came to Karachi in 1982 where he joined MNJ Advertising as an Illustrator. After that he got a Diploma in Fine Arts from Central Institute of Arts & Crafts. He has been a Fine Arts instructor since 1993 and works as a freelance painter & sculptor.

Ms. Amna Rahman
Painting Instructor

Ms. Amna Rahman is a Karachi-based artist who has received her BFA from the National College of Arts Lahore in 2017, passed with a distinction in Painting. Her works have been featured in several exhibitions at galleries, including: Canvas Gallery, Sanat Initiative, Gandhara Art Space, Taseer Art Gallery, the US Consulate and the Swiss Residence. She is currently teaching painting at ACIAC.

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Mr. Masood Alam Khan
Water Colour & Painting Instructor

Mr. Masood Alam Khan is a self taught teacher, and has worked with 80 solo & group shows in Pakistan and abroad galleries. He has won 1st prize in the European Arts critic award, Italy, 2011 and a participant of world millennium show in 2000, and mall gallery London. Presently, he is an HOD Fine Arts at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

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Mr. Asif Jamil
Drawing Instructor

Mr. Asif Jamil is a sculptor and painter. He has done a diploma in Fine Arts from C.I.A.C Arts Council in 1994. Started his career in 1995 as Fine Artist instructor in Studio Arts Academy of Fine Arts and Graphics and served till 2003. Presently teaching at ACIAC Arts Council Karachi

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Arts Council Music Academy (ACMA)

Mr. Afaq Adnan
Head of Faculty

Mr. Afaq Adnan is a renowned electric guitar player who is hand and glove with music for over 3 decades. He represented various prestigious music institutions as an instructor and mentor. He travelled to the United Kingdom for studying theoretical aspects of jazz and modern fusion.

Afaq Adnan
Mr. Akhtar Hussain

Akhtar Hussain hills from the “Hoshiyarpur” House of Music commonly known as “Gharana” learned the great art of playing the most complicated yet adorable eastern instrument known as “Sarangi” from the great Guru Ghulam Muhammad Khan. He is playing sarangi from the last forty five years and performed not only in Pakistan but in Ireland, Holland and India. He has been associated with Radio Pakistan for over thirty years, now he is associated with the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.

Ustad Mehmood Khan

Mehmood Khan is a great vocalist who is associated with the field of music for ever thirty five years.

He belongs to a famous traditional classical singers family. His legendary elder brother Ustad Zafar Ali Khan trained him in this field. He is a regular performer on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television.

He is a senior Music Teacher in the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.

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Mr. Imran Abbas Khan

Imran Abbas Khan is a classical singer who carries the legacy of his father the great music maestro Ustad Rehmat Ali Khan, and nephew of great music stalwarts Ustad Ahmed Ali Khan and Ustad Umeed Ali Khan.

The family belongs to the famous “Gawaliyar Gharana” which happens to be a house of subcontinent’s classical music. He was associated with the Radio Pakistan, PNCA and All Pakistan Music Conference Lahore.

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Mr. Farhan Rais Khan

Farhan Rais Khan is the son of late Ustad Rais Khan, the greatest Sitar Player the world of music has ever seen started learning sitar from his childhood as his father a mentor, his first public performance along with his father was at the age Ten.

Thereafter he never looked back. His Great Sitar playing talent took him to various countries of the world. He has a significant fan following in various continents.

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Mr. Javed Akhtar

Mr. Javed Akhtar is the younger brother of famous music composer Nazar Hussain, he got an amazing talent of playing multiple musical instruments. He master in Playing violin and eastern instruments sarod. Since 70’s he has been playing professionally on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television.

Nowadays he is providing his services as a violin instructor at the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.

Mr. Idrees Hussain Khan

Idrees Hussain Khan is the most prominent harmonium player with a background of “Ajrara House of Music” and with a grandeur performance of over fifty five years, worked with mostly every Music Artist of Pakistan, be a senior or a junior.

Performed globbaly and acclaimed lots of respect and appreciation from the music lovers.

Currently he is a harmonium instructor at the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.  

M Waqas Ghulab

Mr. M Waqas Ghulab learned Tabla playing from a very young age by the well renowned Ustad Bashir Khan. 

His outstanding performance on Tabla gave him a popularity among the music lovers, which in turn, took him to different places of the world to perform Tabla.

Currenty he is a part of the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.

Mr. Intezar Hussain

Intezar Hussain a renowned classical singer who performed in front of national and international audiences and received appreciation and recognition from the musical fraternity for over a decade he is teaching classical singing and possess a board students base.

Mr. Muzammil Abdul Samad

Muzammil Abdul Samad  basically a keyboard player and through his dedication and great interest in music, today he is a renowned musician and composer.

He is a keyboard playing instructor in the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.

Mr. Jamal Yousuf

Jamal Yousuf is a classical trained pianist completed his music studies from Sarah & Earnest Butler School of music at the University of Texas, Austin USA.

He performed with various international artists & bands in various concerts and festivals like SXW, in Austin USA.

He is a piano and western music theory instructor at the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.

Mr. Shazaib Ali

Shahzaib Ali having been trained in the vocal from of music from traditional “Gawaliyar Gharana” for over thirteen years initially took traning with Ustad Hameed Ali Khan and later become a disciple of Ustaad Mehmood Ali Khan.

He has performed on various television channels and gained recognition from a majority of music lovers.

He teaches vocal music at the faculty.

Mr. Khalil Ahmed Bannay

Khalil Ahmed Bannay learned table playing from the great table maestro Bashir Ahmed Khan.  He started performing publically from the age of 20 and till to-date never looked back. With a rich experience of table playing gives him a command on this musical instrument, which is second to none.

He was the part of orchestra of many renowned music composer of Pakistan and travelled widely to display his great talent, especially with the greats of Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali & Shehnaz Begum.

Mr. Zahid Hussain

Zahid Hussain son of iconic sarangi player Ustad Zahood Khan and a student of renowned music director Sohail Rana is an Eastern Guitar Player.  He has performed with well known Pakistani music director including Nisar Bazmi, Lal Muhammad Iqbal, Niaz Ahmed & etc.

His performance took him to various parts of the world including Australia, Canada, USA and the UK. He has been associated with Radio Pakistan, PTV and few other private channels.

Mr. Mustafa Baloch

Mustafa Baloch is a Pakistani musician, guitarist, music composer and singer. He has worked with Shallum Xavier, the guitarist from the band “Fuzon” and has made 3 original songs of his own, he has performed at various concerts and worked in a short film named “Lyari, a person without walls” lending his vocals fro the title song “Lyari”.

Mustafa has been working in the industry for 4 years as a singer/guitarist and has won numerous awards for his performances.

Mr. Zeeshan Pervaiz

Zeeshan Pervaiz a graduate in music who plays guitar, harmonium bass guitar and other musical instruments with such a command that it is difficult to ascertain which instruments is his favorite.

He has performed with some of the most renowned vocalists of Pakistan and has been a music teacher in different musical institutions of Karachi. He is a faculty member of Arts Council Music Academy.

Mr. Shahid Ali

Shahid Ali known for his great talent as a table player since 1995, he performed with some of the most iconic bands of Pakistan like Karwan, Vital Signs, Awaz, Junoon and many others.

He displayed his performance in various parts of the world. He is a table playing iunstructor in the faculty of Arts Council Music Academy.

Mr. Shamsul Arifeen

Shamsul Arifeen a vibrant and thrilling drummer playing for over ten years with eminent and exceptional live drumming and audio recording skills.

Associated with renowned artists and bands inland and overseas. His skill and talents put him in a pedestal of his field of interest.

Mr. Waris

Waris a renowned and well experienced table player trained by the table maestro Ustad Jimmy Khan, his performance on table spans for over two decades.

He has worked with Radio Pakistan, Pakistan Television and Pakistan American Cultural Center to name a few.


Arts Council Theatre Academy (ACTA)

Mr. Talat Hussain
Head of Faculty (Honorary)

Talat Hussain started his performing arts career on Radio Pakistan in 1964. Mr. Talat first appeared on television in 1966. He was commended for his performance on TV which includes drama’s like Parchaiyaan, Bandish, Hawain (1997), Kashkol (1995). Does Pardes, Castle, Riyasat (2006). His first television play from Karachi was Arjumand.

Talat Hussain has also performed in many stage productions in Pakistan including, Andhera Ujala, Raz o Niaz and Sufaid  Khoon among others. In 1972, he moved to England and joined the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Hussain’s early role on television in the UK were in Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, Caberet Time, Don’t Take the Mickey, Fight to Jovani alongside Jaffrey Holland and Robin Parkinson. He also worked for BBC Radio in the play Crown Coat. He also worked on stage in the UK.  


Ms. Kulsoom Aftab

Kulsoom Aftab is a Script Consultant, Dramatist, Actor, Voice Over Artist. Original content creator for film and theatre. Translator. Fiction writer. Faculty (Script writing and Acting) and students’ counselor at the National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi.

She has written an award-winning documentary, “our Jacob” for the competition by UK High Commission in 2014, written debut teleplays, SARRAK & NA MAIN NA TUM, which was aired on Geo TV in 2014. Kulsoom is also a dedicated actress, some of her known works are Shakespeare’s “Anthony & Cleopetra”, directed by Vajdaan Shah, Koel (written by Dr. Enver Sajjad in 2012), Bijli Piyar Abba Jaan (written by Peter Sheffer and adapted by Shoaib Hashmi, in 2016). Ms. Kulsoom also gave voice in “Teen Bahaadur”, the very first animation movie of Pakistan, produced by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Productions. Gave voice in a documentary which is recently been showcased in Cannes Short Film Festival (CSFF), she has also worked in a feature film Jugnu, by Azad Production which is going to be released for international film festivals all over the world very soon.

Mr. Meesam Naqvi

Meesam Naqvi graduated from National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) in 2009 with a diploma in theatre arts. Since his graduation he has worked as an actor/director in various plays.

Some of the notable plays in term of acting were Court Martial, Qusoorwar, Nek Perveen, Hamlet and Dheti Deewarain.

Meesam Naqvi directed theatre plays Kamla and Kuttay for Napa Repertory and Mulzim ya Mujrim, Rehearsal and Apartment 746 for Stage Nomad. He is also doing Dastangoi for 5 years.

Meesam Naqvi is currently teaching at NAPA and MAD Recently