Sindh Theater Festival 2017

Thanks to an overwhelming response to last year’s Theater Festival, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is coming back with a bigger and better “Sindh Theater Festival 2017”. (President Arts Council, Muhammad Ahmed Shah)

Arts Council of Pakistan has always been a pioneer in introducing opportunities of quality entertainment that caters to all age groups of our city. Last year’s Karachi Theatre Festival 2017 was a triumph in every way possible and we are eternally grateful to the people of Karachi who supported our efforts and encouraged us to plan more such events. To take that spirit and enthusiasm forward, this year ACP is proud to present Sindh Theatre Festival 2017. The festival will feature 9 plays in Sindhi language that will symbolize and represent the rich and diverse culture of our province. The rest will be in Urdu language. Plays and stories of acclaimed directors and storytellers as well as young and upcoming ones will be showcased at the festival. We invite you to be a part of this glorious representation and merger of cultures, languages and people.

The Sindh Theatre Festival 2017 will begin from 15th April and will continue to entertain the city of Karachi till 30the April 2017. We look forward to welcome you at the event.

Sindh Theater Festival, Sindhi language live Theater “Sindh Mohiniji Amaan” played on stage, Sunday 16 April 2017 at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, AC Auditorium

Sindh Theater Festival, live Urdu theater “Soo e Dar Chaley” played on stage, Saturday  15 April 2017 at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, AC Auditorium.

The Sindh Theater Festival continues its great run and inauguration done by President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah & Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Sindh, Syed Sardar Ali Shah.