Karachi Youth Festival 2017-18

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Karachi Youth Festival 2017

Karachi Youth Festival 2017-18

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Mentorship Program

This year, Arts Council is introducing a Mentorship Program as a part of the Youth Festival. The program will be commencing from this August. We will be visiting your school, college and university. We will be working closely a


longside you in mastering the art of Acting in Theater, Singing and Public Speaking


Our team comprising of talented and skilled experts in these respective categories will visit your institution for 3 consecutive months and ensure that we have played a part in polishing your skills and been of assistance to you.





Karachi Youth Festival has introduced a Mentorship program as part of the festival where a team of skilled instructors and trainers will establish 130 societies in schools, colleges and universities to educate and conduct training session for Declamation, Singing and Theater. The instructor can manage one skill per week – a total of 3 classes a week in each institute. The team of trainers are conducting these sessions. A total of 12 classes will take place each month in each school for a period of 3 months. We are thanking to institutions for their full cooperation with our team.

18 September 2017:  Mentorship  program in different education institutions of Karachi.

19-20-21 September 2017:  Mentorship  program in different education institutions of Karachi.