Arts Council Karachi

Beginning & Founders

In 1948 some devoted art lovers gathered together and floated the idea of formation of the Fine Art Society of Karachi, which eventually was named The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, in 1954. These were noted personalities who being the founder members also got the Council registered with the Registrar Cooperative Societies under Societies  Act-1860 on 10th May 1955.  They are namely:-

1.  Dr .(Mrs.) Esmat Rahim 
 2. Mr. S. Amjad Ali
 3. Mr. Edward Sudran
 4. Mr. G. Ahmed
 5. Mr. Agha A. Hamid
 6. Mr. A.R. Faridi
 7. Mr. Jalaluddin Ahmed 

The first  nominated Vice President of the Arts Council was Princess Abida Sultana, whereas Mr. Agha Abdul Hameed the  Secretary. The First Executive Director of the Council was Mr. Irfan Hussain where as the present Executive Director is Mr. Nadim Zafar Siddiqui.

Mr. Altaf Gohar and his colleagues with their own personal efforts were successful in getting a peace of land measuring 11,270 sq. yards  for the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, from the then Chief Secretary Sindh Mr. A. T. Naqvi. This land was the property of  late Atiya Faizy and with her consent the Karachi Municipal Corporation allotted this land for the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

In the year 1955 Mr. Rosch was appointed to prepare the plan of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi which was later on completed by M/s. Rizki Architect..

It was the First Lady Mrs. Viqarun Nisa Noon  the wife of  Feroz Khan Noon, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, who formally laid the foundation stone  in 1958.

Donations from philanthropists and leading personalities interested in promotion of fine arts enabled the Arts Council to have its own building in 1960. A large space of 48,900 square feet was reserved for facilities to be developed later on.