February 22, 2021

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi

آرٹس کونسل آف پاکستان کراچی‎

Awami Theater Festival 2018

Awami Theater Festival 2018 In Arts Council of Karachi From 16th April

Awami theater Festival is a free event which is being held in Arts Council of Karachi from 16th April 2018, where multiple theater dramas will be held to entertain the people of Karachi.

The festival will start from16th April and will continue till 28th April. Each day one theater drama will be held on 8 pm but on Sunday two theater shows will be


held on 7:30 Pm & 9:30 Pm respectively.

Entry will be free for families, as there are limited seats people will be served on first come first serve basis. Renowned theater stars and comedians such as Shakeel Siddiqui, Rauf Lala & Saleem Afridi will perform in the festival.

The schedule for the festival is as follows:

Drama Director Date Language
Mundha Bigree Jaye Rauf Lala Monday 16th April Urdu
Mohalla Ponay Aath Roofi Anam Tuesday 17th April Urdu
Sur Girhan Shahnawaz Bhatti Wednesday 18th April Urdu
Teeyan Raniyan M Ali Naqvi Thursday 19th April Punjabi
Laila Chanaser Sindhoo Ali Friday 20th April Sindhi
Bazoo Zahoor Malick Saturday 21st April Saraiki
Patgal Bacha Khan M. Sadiq Sunday 22nd April Pushto
Pehli Sarak Makhdoom Riaz Sunday 22nd April Urdu
Munjamid Aansoo Mujeeb Qureshi Monday 23rd April Urdu
Wo jo Amar Hogaye Rizwan Mirza Tuesday 24th April Urdu
Paisa Pyar Aur Papa Jamil Rahi Wednesday 25th April Urdu
Arz Pak ki Dewani Hameed Rathore Thursday 26th April Urdu
Maa Tujhe Salaam Adam Rathore Friday 27th April Urdu
Walidad Well Main Abid Naveed Saturday 28th April Sindhi
 So visit Arts Council of Karachi with your family for entertainment and enjoyment. For details and queries visit the official event page on Facebook.