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آرٹس کونسل آف پاکستان کراچی‎

9th Urdu Conference 2016

1st – 4th Dec. 2016

Aalmi Urdu Conference

2008 to 2016

Initiated in 2008 by the Arts Council Karachi, Urdu conference has been a regular annual feature eagerly awaited by the literary enthusiasts and cultural figures of the city. Noted scholars from India, United Kingdom, London, Canada, Turkey, Iran and all over the world participated and present their research papers, theses and creativity.

The annual endeavour by the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi concluded on Sunday evening to a packed audience on its premises.

One of the largest get-togethers devoted to the cause of Urdu and the resurgence and revival of its literature since 2008, the major attractions of this year included a Mushaira, multiple discussions by prominent speakers both local and visiting, session dedicated to ‘Dastaan goi’, book launches, readings, recitals, remembrances and more.

Out of the seven scheduled session paying tribute to Intizar Hussain was a major highlight of the fourth and final day this year. Led by acclaimed poets like Zehra Nigah and Kishwer Naheed the discussion was dedicated to commemorating the works of Urdu’s Master fiction writer who passed away last February.

Celebrated humourist Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi as the chief guest of the book launching ceremony was another high point of the evening. Speaking on the occasion exclusively to Geo News, the visibly frail writer appreciated the efforts of the Arts Council towards the prominence and relevance of Urdu through this conference in the past decade.

However, a resounding smash hit of the 9th Aalmi Urdu Conference turned out to be Anwar Maqsood’s session titled ‘Khuda Hafiz’ towards the end of the fourth day. The recitation and his inimitable style kept the audience in stitches throughout. Praising the conference for its consistency over the years the famed television-turned-theatre writer also pointed out the need for a new approach to attract younger audiences.

The 9th edition of the Urdu conference held from December 1st to 4th is the first ever missed by Indian waters and poets which was lamented once again by all participants in the concluding ceremony.

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