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Press Conference: Pakistan Literature Festival PLF – Quetta

Ahmed Shah announced that the inauguration of the PLF – Quetta Chapter is scheduled to take place on May 15 at the BUITEMS University, Quetta


The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi held a press conference at the Quetta Press Club to announce the forthcoming two-day Pakistan Literature Festival PLF – 2024, Quetta Chapter, to be held in Quetta. The press conference featured distinguished personalities, including ACP Karachi President Muhammad Ahmed Shah, who provided insights into the festival’s agenda, accompanied by QPC General Secretary Banaras Khan and Union of Journalists President Khalil Ahmed.

Shah announced that the inauguration of PLF Quetta Chapter is scheduled to take place on May 15 (tomorrow) at the BUITEMS University, Quetta. Renowned personalities from the fields of arts, entertainment, politics, literature and other sectors will participate in the festival.

Shah said that organising a festival in Balochistan is a heart-warming endeavour. “I harbour no animosity; I have come to Quetta to host a literary festival. I aspire to embrace all languages and cultures.”

He remarked that the ACP Karachi is the only council not governed by the government. He underscored the deep-rooted historical ties between Balochistan and Sindh, noting the active participation of Balochi writers and poets in Karachi. “Since I arrived, I’ve made it a point to transcend any particular language and embrace all languages together.”

He mentioned awarding prizes to Balochi literature and extending support to Pashto literature through the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. The festival encompasses various local languages, including Balochi, Brahvi, and Pashto, with 75 per cent of the participants hailing from the province. Furthermore, sessions focusing on the ancient ties between Balochistan and Sindh have been arranged.

Shah affirmed that while this marks their first festival, it certainly would not be their last, expressing the council’s commitment to sustaining this initiative. He highlighted the involvement of literary figures alongside government representatives, aiming to address the issues pertinent to Balochistan.

He said he may not be a politician, but he is certainly a part of society. He revealed that the youth from Lyari, which is often referred to as mini Balochistan, are actively involved in the ACP Karachi.

“We have students from Khuzdar who come to study. I have a vision that encompasses everyone through a single lens. I am grateful to the Quetta Press Club for extending us a warm welcome. After consultations, we decided not to organise any musical programmes in solidarity with Palestine.”

However, he pledged to organise a grand musical festival, bringing together Balochistan’s musicians. The impact of this festival will be felt after its conclusion, he asserted.He praised the remarkable work of the Balochi Academy, and highlighted the presence of Balochi books in the library of the ACP Karachi. He also said that he is endeavouring to connect art institutions.

He expressed concern about the disillusionment among Balochistan’s youth, asserting that the issue of Balochistan cannot be resolved through a hundred years of struggle. He stated that restless and unemployed youth would not rest until they are assured.

He also emphasised that unless circumstances improve, the problem would persist. He declared: “God willing, we will hold a musical programme at Ayub Stadium when conditions improve.”

He also clarified that this is not a political but a cultural festival. The purpose of the political sessions at the PLF is to present public representatives before the people, he pointed out.“We are bearing the expenses of this festival ourselves. The Balochistan government is with us, and the culture department is cooperating with us using its funds. The Pakistan Literature Festival includes joint cooperation from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences.” (Thanks The News)

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