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‘Harmony of Gifts: Special Children, Special Possibilities’

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and The Circle caring for children host Seminar titled “Harmony of Gifts: Special Children, Special Possibilities for Special Persons

In a heartwarming collaboration between the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, and The Circle, a seminar titled “Harmony of Gifts: Special Children, Special Possibilities” brought together advocates, officials, and supporters to shine a light on the often-overlooked talents and abilities of persons with disabilities.

Graced by the esteemed presence of the First Lady of Pakistan, Mrs. Samina Alvi, and the Provincial Minister for Information, Minorities Affairs, and Social Protection, as well as President of ACP Mohammad Ahmed Shah, the event served as a platform to celebrate and acknowledge the unique gifts that individuals with disabilities possess.

The seminar, marked by insightful discussions and moving presentations, aimed to raise awareness about the diverse abilities of special children and underscore the importance of creating an inclusive society that embraces these talents.

President Mohammad Ahmed Shah, in his address, emphasized the need to recognize and nurture the exceptional capabilities of persons with disabilities, highlighting the contributions they can make to the cultural and artistic landscape of Pakistan.

Through thought-provoking discussions and engaging presentations, the event underscored the significance of providing equal opportunities and support to individuals with disabilities, allowing them to showcase their skills and thrive in various fields.

The event also saw the launch of initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity in the arts and cultural sectors, encouraging participation and representation of individuals with diverse abilities.

Attendees expressed their admiration for the initiative, expressing hope for a more inclusive society that values and empowers individuals irrespective of their abilities. The seminar concluded on a note of encouragement, urging continued support and advocacy for the talents and potential of special children.

The success of “Harmony of Gifts: Special Children, Special Possibilities” serves as a reminder of the power of collective efforts in fostering a society where everyone’s unique gifts are celebrated and cherished.

The seminar’s resonance echoed across social media platforms with hashtags #acpkhi, #artscouncil, and #specialchildren, amplifying the message of inclusivity and celebration of diversity.

The Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, and The Circle expressed their commitment to furthering initiatives that promote inclusivity and celebrate the exceptional talents of individuals with disabilities, marking this seminar as a step forward in creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

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