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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized the colorful event for Special children

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi hosted the International Day of persons with disabilities in collaboration with the Institution of the Empowerment of persons with disabilities at John Alia Lawn.

The event was chaired by the Caretaker Sindh Minister for Information, Minorities Affairs and Social Protection and President of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Secretary of the Institution of the Empowerment of person with disabilities Taha Farooqi, and other officers, intellectualist and scholar of Japan Hiroji Kataoka was also present.

Caretaker Sindh Minister for Information, Ahmed Shah emphasized that we cannot portray ourselves as a civilized society until we are not aimed to serve special people.

The person with distinctive and different qualities has the same emotions and abilities as normal people and now it is proven after the amazing exhibition of handicrafts and paintings at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. These children have amazing abilities and they all are very talented. We have to acknowledge their talents and be eager to serve them.

He further highlighted that we cannot portray our positive image until we are determined to serve them. He also said that Chief Minister Sindh Justice (Rtd) Maqbool Baqar is determined for the welfare and progress of special persons and we also contribute to him in his initiative.

The caretaker provincial minister Muhammad Ahmad Shah claimed that he would persuade the philanthropists to encourage these children by purchasing their mind blowing creativity. He said that I am very happy to be among these children and Sindh Government and Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi will provide all possible support to encourage these children.

On this occasion, the caretaker provincial minister went to different stalls and saw the samples of handicrafts, paintings and artworks made by children with different abilities and appreciated the creativity of the children. The students presented melodious tableaus based on national and regional cultures, which were warmly appreciated by the audience. .

The event was organized by the Provincial Department for Empowerment of Special Persons with the support of Educational Institutions for Special Persons.

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