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Press Conference: 16 Aalmi Urdu Conference 2023

President Arts Council Ahmed Shah and others addressing a press conference regarding 16th Aalmi Urdu Conference.

16th Aalmi Urdu Conference by Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi will be held from November 30 to December 3 at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi (ACPKHI). These dates were announced by the President of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah in a press conference held regarding the 16 Almi Urdu Conference. Muhammad Ahmed Shah, eminent poet Iftikhar Arif, Senior Journalist Ghazi Salahuddin, Author Noor ul Huda Shah, Qudsia Akbar and Secretary Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Aijaz Farooqi briefed the media. President of Art Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah said that today is a very big event for us. 4 days 16th Aalmi Conference will start on 30th November at 4:00 pm.

Chief Minister of Sindh Justice Rtd Maqbool Baqir inaugurated the festival. Gulzar and Javed Siddiqui will be participate via Zoom from India. I reminisced about my seniors including Shamim Hanfi, Intizar Hussain, Yousufi Saheb and others.

I am thankful to all the Media who played pivotal roles in the success of Aalmi Urdu Conference. Shah further highlighted that the Aalmi Urdu conference is the culture after that numerous festivals were started. We take the initiative of the Literature Festivals. The renowned authors of the various languages were happy at the same stage. Previous year we thought that we must hold the sessions in Sindhi, Phusto, Balochi, Siraki, Punjabi and other languages.

He said hate is common in this era. Time has passed. No one wants to spread the literature. We should provide opportunities to Youth. Arts Council will launch the book of renowned author of India Javed Siddiqui. He is also the scriptwriter of the “Dil Waly Dhulania Ly Jain Gy”. We also launch Indian Journalist Saeed Naqvi’s book “Muslman La Pta Hogay”. Eminent poet Iftikhar Arif said I congratulate Ahmed Shah and their whole Team for kicking off such a remarkable conference. In this conference not only people of Karachi will participate but also the people of all over the world will participate.

It is an International need which is fulfilled by the Arts Council of Pakistan. We were far away from huge authors it was our mistake. It is a big task to gather various languages authors and intellectuals under the same roof. Now I feel happy when I see this building. Ahmed Shah’s work for the literature is highly appreciated. Numerous sessions from the various subjects will be part of the Urdu Conference. In this Conference, all linguistic personalities participated. From the first day till the last day huge mass is presented at the Arts Council.

The hall is full for the different sessions. It is a speciality of Ahmed Shah he never indulged himself in any political party. While speaking to the Media Noor ul Huda Shah said Arts Council Karachi organized festivals at Lahore, Kashmir and Sukkur. The meaning of the Ahmed Shah and Arts Council was changed after these experimental events. We observed huge mass at these festivals as compared to the political parties’ sessions. Literature is the only source to spread awareness.

Ahmed Shah provides the platform for freedom of opinion. He never fixes the conditions for the freedom of opinion at any level. This has been continued for the previous 16 years and in future we also search for further creative activities. For all of it the credit goes to Ahmed Shah and his team. Senior Journalist Ghazi Salahuddin said that Aalmi Urdu Conference is the mother of all festivals. Urdu conference is the little effort to connect Youth with literature because it is important to save Pakistan’s identity.

He further said that it is a unique thing to gather different linguistics and intellectuals under the same roof and it is a good opportunity to meet renowned personalities face to face. Qudsia Akbar said that being a part of the Art Council is a great honour for me. Urdu conference spread because people love the literature. Literature is the national identity. The relationship between Urdu and other languages will be strong through the Urdu Conference. In this journey all take part equally. With the help of media we spread our message all over the world. At last Secretary Arts Council Aijaz Farooqi thanks all media members.

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