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Launching of Gohar Azmi books ‘Nabi Hamarrey’, ‘Dastak’ & ‘Dolfin’

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi ‘s Literary Committee organized the book launch of Gohar Azmi works “Nabi hamarrey”, “Dastak” and “Dolphin” at Haseena Moin Hall.

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi ‘s Literary Committee organized the book launch of Gohar Azmi’s works “Nabi hamarrey”, “Dastak” and “Dolphin” at Haseena Moin Hall. Dr. Sohail Shafiq, Rizwan Siddiqui, Akhtar Saeedi, Tahir Sultani, Owais Adeeb Ansari, Alia Saram and others expressed their views while Gohar Azmi delivered the speech. The event moderated by Ali Hassan Sajid, was presided over by Professor Khayal Afaqi. He said that everything has two sides, good and bad.

When a person writes and compiles a religious book, it is as if he is performing the Sunnah. Literature is a word of the Arabic language and the language of the Messenger of Allah is also Arabic. He lauded the work of author. He said that there is no example of the work done by Gohar Azmi, I congratulate him. Rizwan Siddiqui while talking to the audience said that he has not seen such a great book on Sirat Tayyaba till date.

It is well written, what else does a person who finds his love alive, good person create a good poetry, but the fact is that a very bad person become renowned poets. Owais Adeeb Ansari commended the author for the valuable effort. He said that Gohar Azmi is the greatest name who pen out the biography of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

“Nabi Hamarrey “hinged on the biography of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Gohar Azmi is one of them who wrote a book on sirayat Tayyaba.  Sohail Shafiq expressed his opinion. He remarked that “Nabi hamarrey” based on the biography of the Prophet (PBUH) for children and all creadit goes to Gohar Azmi for his amazing work. Important maps have also been given in which Makkah Mukarramah, Hijrat Madinah, Hijrat Habesha others are also present.

Tahir Sultani said that this is a memorable book in Urdu naat. This book emphasized on the dealing of the Hazart Muhammad (PBUH) with the children, this effort of Ghora Azmi is the best effort in Urdu literature, he has taken worldly education as well as religious education together, Alia Saram expressed her opinion and said that the poet enclosed lot of words in his poetry, Gohar Azmi is an excellent author.

What is happening in our lives shows that we are far away to the education, no one knows the glory of the Holy Prophet except Allah. Our children are getting a proper childhood due to the efforts of Gohar Azmi, Akhtar Saeedi recited a poem from Gohar Azmi’s book while Ali Hassan Sajid presented his essay to the audience.

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