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Launching of Samina Nazir Novel and Theater Play Siyah Heeray

Book launch ceremony by renewed author and actress Samina Nazeer titled "Siyah Heeray"

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized book launch ceremony by renewed author and actress Samina Nazeer titled “Siyah Heeray” (Black Diamonds سیاہ ہیرے). The ceremony was held at Auditorium II which was chaired by Ikhlaq Ahmed, Hoori Noorani and Samina Nazir. Meanwhile, famous senior Journalist Wusatullah Khan performed the duty of moderator.

Samina Nazir’s novel Siyah Heeray was demonstrating the culture, lifestyle, and heritage of Africa. Commenting on the book, Ikhlaq Ahmed said usually we do not take an interest in the deprived nation’s lifestyle but when I read this novel I realized the real image of Africa.

The writing style of this novel is amazing through this book you can easily understand the deepest reality of the Africa. This novel starts from the basic and then the story progress slowly. We occasionally think that the people of Africa are not happy soul. But Sameena’s novel proves our thought about Africa wrong. Speaking on the occasion Hoori Noorani said that English editing is very tough as compared to Urdu editing. I edited this novel in collaboration with the Samina Nazir.

This novel is written on the lifestyle of Africa. There is a huge difference between her afsana and her novel. After the afsana sameena directly focused on the novel. Initially, I was shocked but then I realized there is something magical in her novel. I am just getting excited when I read her novel again and again. Describing the book Sameena Nazir said, my thinking about the African lifestyle proved wrong in two years.

I occasionally visited the houses of my maids and drivers to explore them. I am just curious how they spend their whole fast without sehri. It is the national act they eat little but do not feel hungry. The clothes of the house and special event are different for the resident of Africa. There is three timeline of the novel era of 1994, the era of the 18th century and the novel ended in the 2024 timeline.

She further said that we also focused on publishing this book in English and French as well. Students of Arts Council Academy also performed on some chapter of the siya Heeray. The audience applauded the performance of the students.

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