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The Pakistan Learning Festival (PLF) concludes

Pakistan Learning Festival (PLF)

large number of schoolchildren participated in Pakistan Learning Festival various activities, artistic workshops, etc, that introduced them to innovative ways of learning

An insightful presentation — Hum Hero Hein Hum Baa Ikhtiaar Hein — focused on the importance of lifelong learning, livelihood and other importance skills.

The Tehreek-i-Niswan presented an artistic expression of the city’s rich cultural heritage Pakistan Learning Festival. A panel discussion featuring Imran Azhar, Rumana Husain, and Saleem Mughal focused on mobilising superheroes for climate change in emergencies.

Pakistan Learning Festival (PLF) at arts Council of Pakistan Karachi

Another exciting session earlier in the day was conducted by Amna Husain titled ‘Fun with Numbers’, where she shared creative ways of using numbers to read time and to do multiplication. The festival also featured screening of The Silence after the Storm by Alina Rizwan, providing the audience an opportunity to engage with compelling visual narratives that explored important themes.

The Dawood Foundation’s ‘Nature Series’ was also a highlight of the festival. Sadia Sarmad, who acted as ‘Dadi Gulabi’ on the first day to tell stories to children, held another captivating storytelling session Suno Kahani Meri Zubani

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