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The Pakistan Learning Festival (PLF) begins at Arts Council

Two days “Pakistan Learning Festival 2023” kicked off at Arts Council Pakistan Karachi

We should take the initiative to teach children through informal education : Said Federal Minister of Education Rana Hussain

Art Council Pakistan Karachi organized two days “Pakistan Learning Festival 2023” with the collaboration of Education and Awareness Institutions. The amazing festival was inaugurated by Provincial Minister of Education Rana Hussain.

On this special occasion Bella Raza Jameel, Romana Hussain, Ameena Syed, Editorial Director Private Institute Sindh Rafia Javeed Mallah, Kabir Qazi and others were the chief guest of the event. Provincial Minister of education Rana Hussain pinned out that non-formal education is an effective initiative to teach the children. Through this festival, children can hear stories in the afternoon also. She also tells the story to the children in various manners.

The story of Thar is also included in it. Rafia Javeed said this kind of festival appreciated the students toward education. I’m feeling glad to come here, We should ensure this kind of festival in private schools also. A huge amount of students were presented at the Arts Council Pakistan Karachi. There were different programs held in different places of the Arts Council Pakistan Karachi. Students of the various schools mesmerized the audience by their performance on the theme of climate change.

Different workshops on science and arts, Painting, crafting, and creating exhibitions, were part of the event. Storytelling sessions were also included in this festival, On the other hand, students got a huge round of applause from the audience on the Singing and tablo.

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