Pakistan Theater Festival 2023
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Pakistan Theatre Festival: ’Art Aur Aata’’ Theatre was presented by Grips Theatre Group 

‘’Art Aur Aata’’ Theatre was presented by Grips Theatre Group on the 21st day of the ongoing Pakistan Theatre Festival at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

On the 21st day of the ongoing Pakistan Theatre Festival in Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the theater play “Art Aur Aata” was presented in Urdu and English by Grips Theater Group in Auditorium I. The writer of the theater was Imran Aslam while the cast of the play was Faiza Qazi, Khalid Anam, Ameed Riaz, Khalifa Sajeeruddin and Ayesha Shaikh were included.

Tributes were paid to Imran Aslam in recognition of his services through the play. President Arts Muhammad Ahmad Shah said in his welcome speech that the idea of holding a theater festival was to pay tribute to our great people like Kamal Ahmad Rizvi, Imran Aslam, Shakespeare and big names of theater. He said that Imran Aslam was our friend, our guru, our mentor, Imran’s quality was that he never taught as a teacher, he taught people from five years old to 80 years old as friends, even when Imran fell ill he used to come to my office, apparently people think that Imran used to write for children, he used to write for all the mentally immature, Imran Aslam told how to write news in a bad situation, how to do theater. Ahmad Shah further said that we are also planning a children’s theater festival which will last for a whole month. Well-known director and actor Khalid Anam said that the play they are doing today are covering political situations and events. Thank you, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah for working on the theater and giving us the opportunity to present our work here. Art and Aata is a bold and timely political satire that fearlessly probes the pulse of contemporary Pakistan with a sharp and witty sense of humour. The play takes aim at societal flaws and those in positions of power. This humorous yet thought-provoking production invites the audience to laugh heartily and ponder deeply on the pressing issues of the day. The theater was highly appreciated by the audience.

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