Pakistan Theater Festival 2023 at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi
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Pakistan Theatre Festival: Bazelah Mustafa’s theater play “Nocturnal”

Bazelah Mustafa’s theatre play “Nocturnal” was presented on the 20th day of the ongoing Pakistan Theater Festival in Karachi.

On the 20th day of the ongoing Pakistan Theatre Festival in Karachi, the theater play “Nocturnal” was presented in Urdu and English. The writer and director of the theater was Bazelah Mustafa.

The cast of the play included Ali Sher, Ashmal Lalwani, Ram Govind, Yogeshwar karrera and Faizan Younis. In the story of Nocturnal theater, the current situation of the country was interpreted, how political parties, media and rulers are exploiting the people. through movement theater, artists presented various situations and events in a powerful way. A large number of fans appreciated the lively performances of the artistes

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