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Pakistan Theater Festival: Theater play “Barsaat” in Sindhi language.

On the fifteenth day of the ongoing Pakistan Theater Festival in Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the tragedy theater play “Barsaat” was presented in Sindhi language, which was written and directed by Ali Roshan Sheikh, while the cast of the play was Amjad Gul Soomro, Ijaz Ali Chandio, Starring Ashiq Ali and Ali Roshan Shaikh, the theater “Barsaat” was a true story of a blind old man who lives in his house with his old neighbor. His whole family starts preparing to migrate to a safe place before the rains start and flood, his neighbor visits again and again and urges him to leave the village as soon as possible for fear of rain and floods because all the people in the village have already migrated, but he refuses because he loves the house because it is his ancestral home, one night thieves come to his house. And they are arguing about his stuff, one of the thieves is a professional and the other is a recruit. As soon as they start stealing things. The blind old man suddenly appears with an axe, and stops the thieves at the door and warns them not to move, the play was well received by the audience for its depiction of sad emotions

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