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Comedy play “Biwi Ho To Apni” was presented at “Pakistan Theatre Festival”

On the fifth day of the “Pakistan Theatre Festival” organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the comedy Urdu play “Biwi Ho Toh Apni” was presented in Auditorium I, which was directed by Ayesha Hasan, while the story of the play was written by Kamal Ahmad Rizvi. Hasan Raza, Farhan Alam, Zulfiqar Ghori, Anushka Khalid, Rabya Rizwan, Naveed and Khizr Ansari showed excellent acting in the drama. The story of the comedy Play “Biwi Ho Toh Apni” revolves around a middle-age man named Saleem. 50-year-old saleem finally decides to take the plunge and get married, albeit to a girl less than half his age, he seems to be the man who has it all. As all farce comedies go, all hell breaks loose just as saleem is on the brink of utter marital bliss. The chaos ensues as Saleem and his wife Amna try to navigate their new life along with their house help shakoor.

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