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Condolence Reference of Senior Artist Akbar Khan

A condolence reference organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi in memory of senior artist Akbar Khan, in which the president of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, well-known actor Shahzad Raza, Kishwar Zehra, Ishrat Kamal, Saleem Siddiqui, Imran Sherwani, Iqbal Latif, Saleem Afridi, Shahida Khursheed, Nazar Hussain, Mujeeb Shahzad, Danish Baloch, Majeed Warsi, Arif, Mehtab Ali, Adam Rathore, Sohail Abbas, Farhan Awan, Karim Kazmi, Mansoor Sahir, Anwar Hussain and Akbar Khan’s children Sufyan, umama, Imaan, Manhil and a large number of people associated with the showbiz industry attended in large numbers. Renowned artist Anjum Ayaz sent his message through a video message.

A show reel based on what Akbar Khan did in his life was presented while Noman Khan performed the duties of moderator. President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah expressed his views and said that Akbar Khan was a very good actor, artist and sculptor as well as a very good human being. Akbar kept everyone laughing throughout his life. He said that he had a very close relationship with me, the Arts Council will never leave Akbar Khan’s family alone, I will give Akbar Khan’s son a job in the Arts Council. Actor Saleem Afridi said, “Whatever I am today is because of Akbar Khan. He has proved himself in acting and sculpting. He used to pay more attention to work.” He was a soul, he used to make everyone laugh, the well-known director Iqbal Latif said that Akbar Khan was a very intelligent person, he knew the art of winning hearts. The person who met Akbar was drawn towards him, such hardworking people are rarely born, Anjum Ayaz while talking to condolence reference through video message said that Akbar Khan worked with me for a long time. He was sick but never let anyone feel it, he always gave something to people, he was a giving person, he always gave something to people, famous actor and governing body member Shehzad Raza said In sculpting and acting, Akbar Khan was not the answer. He was like my younger brothers. He understood people’s moods. Shahida Khursheed Kanwal said, “I feel like Akbar Khan will come from somewhere and say, ‘How did you cry?’ He was an expert in making videos and pictures, he never hurt anyone with his personality, Nazar Hussain said that Akbar Khan was not only a great artist but also a very good human being, I never saw Akbar in anger. He achieved a position through his work, he was very friendly and made people laugh, Akbar Khan’s younger brother Anwar Hussain said, May Allah give such a brother to everyone, he never did anything for personal gain. , he took care of everyone, he did not work day or night, he used to do stone carving very well, he started making artistic videos 40 years ago. Akbar Khan’s son Sufyan said that Abu’s death changed everything, he never let us lack anything, he used to teach me something, I didn’t like art, so he taught me acting. He could not see anyone getting upset, always had a positive attitude towards everyone. Daughter of Akber khan Umama said that my father was not Akbar Khan but Akbar Badshah, he made a place in the hearts of people with good morals and sincerity, he always saw people sharing happiness.

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