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Break dance competition: B-Boy Dance Battle

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and Red Bull organized a break dance competition at Studio I, Ahmed Shah Building, 16 B-boys and 4 B-girls from Karachi participated in the competition. There was a fierce competition between the contestants, Navin emerged victorious in the B-boy category while Shah defeated the rest of the girls in the B-girl category. The B-Boy and B-Girl dancers who won the competition will represent Pakistan in the B-Boy Championship to be held in Paris in October. The purpose of the competition is to promote break dance in Pakistan. The enthusiasm of the dancers was visible in the B-boy Dance Battle. In this competition, Brazilian B-boy World Champion NEGUIN performed the duties of the judge, who came from New York. He was accompanied by  Grifffin and Shaddy also in the dance competition, well-known musician and rapper Taha G gave musical performance, the participants kept swaying to Tahaji’s songs

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