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Condolence reference in memory of Shabbir Rana

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Organized a condolence reference in memory of senior actor Shabbir Rana

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Organized a condolence reference in the lobby area in memory of senior actor Shabbir Rana, in which President of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Governing Body Member Shehzad Raza Naqvi, Iqbal Latif, along with Nazar Hussain, actors Rauf Lala, Parvez Siddiqui, Ali Hassan, Afshan Qureshi, Younus Memon, Jameel Rahi, Salumi, actor Shahzad Malik, Imran Raza, Adam Rathore, Shahzad Ali Khan, Mujtaba Naqvi, Zeeshan Shah, Adnan Shah, Azlan and others expressed their views while moderator the duties were performed by Noman Khan, on this occasion President of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah said that Shabbir Rana was our Dilip Kumar, there was a Dilip Kumar in him from childhood, Shabbir was a smiling man, He said that once the Arts Council used to be a garbage dump, today it has become an international institution. Governing body member and senior actor Shahzad Raza said that Shabbir Rana was a figure of love, people were very impressed by his words, we had a 53-year-old friend, he actually came to play shehnai on Radio Pakistan, but he played everyone’s trumpet, he said. Ahmed Shah never removes the one who goes out of sight from his heart, I thank the president of Arts Council, he takes everyone along, Iqbal Latif said that the tradition of Arts Council is maintained that we take care of our departed. I used to call Shabbir Rana by four different names, Shabbir Rana used to understand something with his eyes. Nazar Hussain said, I am related to Shabbir Rana since 70, he was a very hard working person, worked a lot in radio, film and television, actor Shahzad Malik said he worked a lot with Shabbir. One should keep encouraging so that his freshness remains, actor Rauf Lala said he loved me very much, today our Pakistani Dilip Kumar is gone, may God forgive him, theater artist Salumi said Shabbir Bhai’s face on Kabhi me. Shabbir Rana’s elder son Adnan Shah said, “I have always taught my father to respect elders and Respected, we learned a lot from him, his love for children was eternal, he will always live in our hearts, I thank President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah for organizing this event,  Azlan said that I am very fond of keeping animals, my father was very fond of them, so imagine how much he loved humans, he never raised his hands on us, they lived like friends, but alas.

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