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Governor Sindh Inaugurated the Arts Council of District Central in New Karachi

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has crossed another milestone Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi inaugurated the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi District Central in New Karachi

If we want to move the country forward, we have to end the differences, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori

This is the place of the people of Intellectual  and I have come to serve them, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has crossed another milestone, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi (District Central) Jinnah Cultural Complex was grandly inaugurated by Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori along with President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah and members of the governing body. Jinnah Cultural Complex located in New Karachi was formally handed over to the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

In the opening ceremony of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi District Central, Secretary Arts Council Ijaz Farooqui, Vice President Munawar Saeed, members of governing body, political leader Khawaja  Izhar ul Hasan, Khanzada, literary personality Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui and various social and literary personalities participated. Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori said that famous literary and intellectual personalities live in New Karachi, after 75 years at this age they will get a chance to watch programs here, many such buildings are abandoned in the city, Ahmed Shah is a professional man who He showed an institution like Arts Council standing on its feet, how long will we humiliate each other, now only the name is left, no one is ready to do the work, there is no balance in anything, our education system is double standard. Yes, the economy and society of Pakistan is declining, there is no balance in the society, the difference in the education system has reached the extreme, he said that if the country wants to move forward, the circle of differences will have to be broken, President of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah in his welcome speech. said that today is the beginning of the dawn of love, I am not a person of any party but of culture, he said that the population of District Central is more than many countries, North Nazimabad was supposed to be the capital, we and our rulers made mistakes. But now the time has come that we should gather at one center, he said, “We own this building , we have been given to run under a contract, everyone has seen the work done in the last twenty years, I faced many problems in coming here, there were piles of garbage here but the Sindh Department. With the efforts of Grant and DC Central Taha Saleem, we succeeded, he said, “It has become very difficult to go so far for daily functions. This is the place of intellectual and I have come to serve them. In New Karachi, our Many members live, the condition of the libraries is very bad, our elders worked together with us, who are no longer in this world, they said, when you have to live together in Karachi, why not live together with love, women will cook food and set up food stalls, we   will decorate fairs for children, he announced that a wonderful Qawwali will be organized in Ramadan and a great family festival will be organized on Eid.Political Leader Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan said that  There is a history, an attempt was made to occupy it, the mood of the people of New Karachi is different, God made it possible to build this building. culture is a big sector all over the world, you are earning a name all over the world, this is a good thing, he said that no one is far from politics, politics is a worship, The people of New Karachi should be given a chance .Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui said, “I see peace in the turmoil here and satisfaction in the discontent. Ahmed Shah who is working at the global level is very good,” he said. The programs that will be held in the building will be memorable. Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori has won everyone’s hearts, I am always with Ahmed Shah. DC Taha Saleem said that today is a historic day, we cannot move forward without honoring writers and artists, we should give free CSS education. He said that Jinnah Cultural Complex is the best place for the people of New Karachi.

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