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A condolence Reference of Legendary Actor Qavi Khan

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi  Organized a condolence Reference in the memory of senior actor Qavi Khan at Jaun Elia Lawn .In which the President of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Mustafa Qureshi, Munwar Saeed, Amjad Shah, Raju Jameel, Shahzad Raza Naqvi, Zeba Shahnaz, Mehmood Mirza, Nadeem Zafar, Younis Memon participated ,while actor Nadeem Baig, Zeba Muhammad Ali, actor Javed Shaikh, Sangeeta, Syed Noor Sultana Siddiqui spoke on telephone in the condolence Reference, people from the showbiz industry  participated.

while Iqbal Lateef performed the duty of moderator. President  Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah while speaking said that the passing away of Zia Mohiuddin, Amjad Islam Amjad and Qavi Khan is a great loss for us, Mustafa Qureshi, Sultan Rahi, Muhammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Zeba who gave rise to Pakistan He said that we have not chosen our heroes correctly, we should respect the writers, readers, directors, actors, singers and music directors. Qavi Khan kept himself clean despite the problems of the whole world, he is a very active actor. Even at the age of 75, when he came to the theater, it seemed like an 18-year-old boy was performing. If the Arts Council does not stand with the artists and writers in grief and joy, it is an abuse. The Arts Council is owned by the artists. He said that we are also being criticized because when there is an expectation from us, criticism is also necessary, we will accept it with a smile. Senior actor Mustafa Qureshi expressed his opinion and said that Qavi is separated from us but his work will live forever. Vice   President of Arts Council Munwar Saeed expressed his opinion and said that the person who introduced me on TV was Qavi Khan, he was a very sophisticated person. Qavi Khan played various roles in life, he made a place in the film and television industry, apart from being a loving person, he was a very good actor, actor Nadeem Baig said in a telephonic conversation from Lahore. Said that I have no words to say about Qavi Khan, I have never seen such a great and versatile actor, I learned a lot from him, he used to do roles even in his old age which we could not do in our youth. It is a big shock for us to leave, Zeba Muhammad Ali, speaking in a telephonic conversation from Lahore, said that Qavi is the best in every way. He was a great actor and a very sweet human being. I have never seen a person like him. He was a very simple person. Director Syed Noor said in a telephonic conversation that the heartis very heavy with his death. His work speaks for him. he played many roles and he proved himself in every form, he was a friend of friends and a person of courage. He is a person who cannot be forgotten as long as the world lasts, his name will live on. Actor Shahzad Raza Naqvi said that Qazi Wajid and Qavi Khan were my role models, no one could match them in any work, even outside Pakistan. These personalities are talked about a lot, we tried to learn a lot from them, such people are very rare in the world, Amjad Shah said that Muhammad Qavi was a great personality, whatever medium he worked on, it seemed that He is a man of the same medium, Sultana Siddiqui said that Qavi Khan did much more work for PTV than our Hum Network . I would say to the new comers that they should learn something from people like Qavi Khan, Zeba Shahnaz expressed her opinion and said that I am proud to work with Qavi Khan. Raju Jameel while speaking said that people like Qavi Khan are very rare in Pakistan film industry and Pakistan television, believe me, even on the day of his death, I was watching his movie, former executive director Nadeem Zafar said, I consider myself lucky that through the Arts Council I have been in touch with so many great people

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