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3rd day of Pakistan Youth Festival 2023

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi announces free training for young participants interested in IT. President Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah.

Pakistan Youth Festival is going on in full swing at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. On the third day of the festival, bands from all over the city took part in the auditions of the Battle of the Bands Audition For 7 Different  Categorize were took place, In which Instrumentalist, Acting, Dance, Singing, Speech, Quiz and Painting Were included.

On this occasion, two special contests of live painting and photography were organized, in which, 25,000 was announced for the lucky winners. Speaking at the festival, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that education and training of the youth and learning modern technology are very important to make Pakistan strong and stable. Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi  will provide free IT learning facilities for the youth. He said that Pakistan is currently suffering from economic difficulties. Arts Council is announced to provide free training facility for youth. In which as many young people from wherever they belong they will be able to participate in this training program. Mohammad Ahmad Shah said that India is earning one hundred and seventy five billion dollars from IT. Pakistan’s youth are more intelligent than India’s. but unfortunately they do not get opportunities. Arts Council today announces that along with arts and other education and training, we are also providing IT learning opportunities for young people who do not have the resources to continue their education and are interested in the IT sector. After the Youth Festival, they can get registered at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Ahmed Shah Building, Ground Floor, Karachi. We will start training soon and organize training by calling international trainers. People of the city want us to contribute to the development of the country.

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