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Pakistan Youth Festival 2023  Kicked Off 

Find your own way, the destination will be in front of you, famous writer and intellectual Anwar Maqsood

Pakistan Youth Festival  2023 was grandly inaugurated by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. A large number of youth participated in the Festival. Festival was inaugurated by the well-known intellectual and writer Anwar Maqsood. President of the Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah and Vice-Chancellor of University of Karachi Khalid Iraqi also accompanied him, the famous writer and intellectual Anwar Maqsood said that I have come here for you, you are the children of this land, find your own way, the destinations will come before you, President of Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah  While addressing the opening ceremony, he said that due to Covid-19, the Youth Festival could not be held for the last five years.

After five years, we are organizing this festival. Thirty thousand students have registered in this festival. University of Karachi, from where Anwar Maqsood, Ahmed Shah, Huma Mir and many other personalities have passed out, you youths have to make your name bright, if your name is bright then the name of the country will be bright, this country has seen a lot of suffering, you students do not lose heart from anything, the conditions of the country We will change, you will all change, Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi, Khalid Iraqi, expressed his gratitude to the Arts Council for inviting him to the Youth Festival, he Said  Anwar Maqsood is a great name of Pakistan, he said that I have been listening and reading Anwar Maqsood since I was studying in matriculation. We often get afraid of difficulties while we should not be afraid. When you decide to do something, you can do it. On the opening day of the ongoing Pakistan Youth Festival, auditions of 4 different categories were held in which thousands of male and female students participated.   Audition  of the remaining 6 categories will continue till 28 January . While the  Closing  ceremony of the festival will be held on 29th, the famous singer Asim Azhar, Kashmir Band, Jambrooz, Mustafa Baloch stole the festival with their performances. 

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