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Pakistan Youth Festival 2023 will be held on January 23.

No matter what the situation in the city, the Arts Council continues its work, noted comedian Anwar Maqsood

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, organized a press conference regarding the 7-day Pakistan Youth Festival in Haseena Moin Hall, in which renowned intellectual and humorist Anwar Maqsood, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah and Secretary Arts Council Prof. Ejaz Farooqui briefed the media.

President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah has said that Arts Council Karachi organizes 550 programs in a year. Arts Council Karachi is starting Pakistan Youth Festival from 23rd January which will continue till 29th January. The successful youth will be awarded Two Lakh Rupees. He said that due to Covid-19, the continuation of the youth festival was broken, which is being restarted on January 23. Fifty thousand youth participated in the last youth festival. Youth are the future of this country Arts Council Karachi has always provided opportunities to the youth to develop their skills. He said that the prize money for the successful youth in this festival has been increased to Two Lakh Rupees and those who cannot get the position will be given a three-year diploma for free. Ahmad Shah said that all the students of the city Students of Universities and Colleges are invited to participate in this festival to participate in the field of their choice, but such a talented youth who is not studying in any institution and wants to participate in any field will also be allowed. He said that from January 23, auditions will be started in the following fields, which include essay writing, Declamation Urdu & workshop, painting, photography, dance, singing and acting. Various bands and singers including Asim Azhar, Ahmed Jahanzeb, Kaifi Khalil, Wahab Bugti, Natasha Baig, Sahir Ali Baga, Arman Rahim, Afaq Adnan, AUJ and Kashmir Band will perform in the Pakistan Youth Festival. Anwar Maqsood said that this is the first competition in which migrant youths are also participating, Karachi is a city of three crores, no matter what the situation is in the city, the Arts Council continues its work, Pakistan Youth Festival belongs to the youth. It includes painting, photography, dance, essay writing, acting and theatre, this festival can only be controlled by one person and that is Ahmad Shah. Ejaz Farooqui said that the youth festivals held in the Arts Council are very well organized. Till date, no one can say that anyone has been abused. The skills of the youth emerge, time will tell how useful this youth festival is in the artistic life of the youth. 

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