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Tribute to Screen, Dialogue Writer & Playwright Javed Siddiqui

President Arts Council   Mohammad Ahmad Shah, Famous Broad Caster Zia Mohyeddin , famous poet Zehra Nigah were participated.

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi pays tribute to screen and dialogue writer and playwright Javed Siddiqui  at  Auditorium  2  on Friday, 13th January 2023 evening . In which President Arts Council   Mohammad Ahmad Shah, Famous broad caster Zia Mohiuddin , famous poetess Zehra Nigah  and  Dr. Fatima Hassan  were participated .

Talking to the   event Subcontinent’s famous writer Javed Siddiqui said that I was a journalist but suddenly started writing films. I got married with the help of comrades but what happened was good that wife got very good, children are all talented but Sameer is my extension. Javed Siddiqui said that it is said on our side that the children would have divided the angels. So I wrote that what came into the heart of the angels brought me into this family like Muhammad Ali Johar, Shaukat Ali Johar my grandfather and many great people in whose company, I trained and am here before you today. said that “Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge” has become my identity but I want to make my identity something else. He said that there was no thought of writing the story of the film, today I think that life does not go by our will but by the will of some other force. I was in journalism. During the emergency in India, there was a need to write the story of a film, so a film writer would write it, so my name was suggested, but I was selected in a three-minute meeting. At that time my hands and feet became cold. I wrote the dialogues and you liked them. Javed Siddiqui said that my prose is unconscious, poetry emerges from the best prose. He said that whatever  I wrote for myself. My sketches are my own story. Many people say that one should not write like this, but I think that a writer should not be small. He said that when I arrived in Delhi in 1960, the progressive movement was not so active, but with it there were great people who did not discriminate against anyone. When I got married, Sultana Apa had 700 rupees in her account, out of which she gave 600 rupees to me. All the comrades helped, thus the marriage took place in Chande, but what happened was good, the wife was very good. About his children, Javed Siddiqui said that all are talented, but Sameer is my extension. Farida Javed said that Javed is not only a writer but also a very good person, I liked him and got married, on which my brother was angry for two years. Zahra Nigah   said that when I read Javed Siddiqui’s writing, I was sure that one day I would meet him. Javed wrote a lot but people don’t forget “Dil Wale Dilhaniyale  Jayenge”.  She said that the language was inherited from Muhammad Ali Johar. There are many achievements of human beings which even death cannot annihilate, including Javed. Javed’s work is solitary work, not teamwork. she asked about “Shatranj”, how much trouble did you have to take in writing its dialogues, Zahra Nigah said that Javed Siddiqui converted the prose into poetry. In some sentences, the poetry of Ghazal is known. Prayers and blessings for him, Fatima Hasan asked about specific words in Javed Siddiqui’s prose, whether this perfection is conscious or unconscious. Speaking earlier, Zia Mohiuddin said that we have not read such prose before. Let me read a chapter from his book Langar Khana. President of Arts Council Ahmed Shah said that I wanted this great personality   of our era. The man visited the Arts Council. Today on our stage are sitting the great men of the subcontinent who are the chain of communication of a divided India. He said that the relationship of love with Javed Siddiqui cannot be described in words. He hoped that the conditions of both the countries will be good and the writers of both the countries will be able to meet with the people of these countries. Earlier, Javed Siddiqui cut the birthday cake along with wife Farida and son Sameer, niece Anaya, Zia Mohiuddin, Zahra Nigah, Fatima Hassan and Muhammad Ahmed Shah. The audience in the packed hall gave him a standing ovation and wished him a happy birthday.

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