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3rd Elm dost Awards 2022

Humanity is the greatest religion, it is very important to be a good person, President of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi library committee and Elm Dost organization organized the “Third ilm Dost Award 2022” ceremony in Haseena Moin Hall which was presided by Mahmood Sham while Akram Kunjahi was the chief guest. Farhana Owais performed the duties of moderator.

Among those who expressed their views were President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Shabbir Adil, Iqbal Latif, Mir Hussain Ali Imam and Dr. Yasmeen Farooqui. In the presidential address on this occasion, Mehmood Sham said that we call our country the Pakistan of the youth, but most of our gatherings are of the elderly. Yes, there are many organizations that are trying to keep the youth close to knowledge and literacy. President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah expressed his opinion and said that humanity is the greatest religion, first of all it is necessary to be a good person, we should see how we treat our family and the people around us. He said that the knowledge you have is the greatest capital, if the excellence of knowledge is considered respectable, it can lead to improvement in the society. Shabbir Ibn e Adil always highlighted the excellence of knowledge, his passion and passion is a testimony to the fact that despite his illness he is continuously organizing the event. On the occasion Akram Kunjahi said that the Arts Council under the suppervision of President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah is a complete literary, It has become a cultural and academic institution. Iqbal Lateef, Chairman of the Library Committee, expressed his opinion and said that the work started by the institution of knowledge should be carried forward so that the light of knowledge can spread everywhere, the arts council has always encouraged the youth. Encouraged and will continue to work for knowledge and arts in the future, Shabbir Adil expressed his opinion and said that I often I feel that the process of learning and teaching has stopped somewhere between us. If the destination of knowledge is reached, then we should all be tired because only those who are tired reach the destination. Knowledge has no destination. Knowledge is the work of continuous learning and teaching. Many institutions supported us. I am grateful to all of them, Mir Hussain Ali Imam said that the work of scholar started three years ago in which writers and poets supported us a lot, scholars and book friends. Our main programs are, we have started a new research work in which we will also carry out book promotion work. Dr. Yasmeen Farooqi said that I congratulate the Elm Dost organization which is promoting literacy in this enchanting era and taking practical steps to advance the society, more than fifty so far through the Elm Dost award. Awards have been given to people. Highlighting the book culture in such an age is a very difficult task, but the knowledge-friendly institution is doing it well. At the end of the ceremony, “Elm Dost Award 2022” was presented to the participants by the Elm Dost Institute.

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