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Condolence Reference of Renowned Industrialist SM Munir

SM Muneer always taught brotherhood said, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah (SI)

We have lost a diamond said, renowned business leader Khalid Tawab

Bhai Jan was a complete Anjuman in his own right, Ahmad Chinoy

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Organized a condolence meeting in the meaning  of the famous businessman SM Muneer (Bhai jaan) was held in Auditorium II in which the President of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah (SI), business leaders Khalid Tawab, Ahmed Chinoy, Sami Khan, Mahmood Ahmed Khan, Hanif Gohar, Shahid Sarwana, Faraz ur Rahman, Irfan, Iqbal Latif, Imran, Rizwan Siddiqui, Huma Mir and a large number of business community participated.

President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah said that SM Munir’s passing away is very sad. It is a big tragedy, he always taught brotherhood, we have to take his mission forward, he said that an individual is not alone, if the whole team works together, it brings positive results, today thousands The talent of the children is in front of the whole world, Arts Council Karachi has given them opportunities to advance so that they can become something, he said while addressing the business community, you people have to come together on one platform so that SM Muneer The sacrifice cannot be wasted. Khalid Tawab said that we have lost a diamond, SM Muneer was such a person who loved his opponents as well, he is being remembered all over the world including Pakistan, we will carry forward his mission together, Ahmed Chinoy said S.M Muneer was a complete community in himself, he treated everyone with love, compassion and respect, such people are very rare in the world, today not only from Karachi to Khyber, but his loved ones in the world are in grief, he said. There was a different feeling with Ahmad Shah, he was a modern-day Hatim Tai, he always kept his promise, Sami Khan said. Bhai Jaan was a great leader and a great example of public service, he was bound by principles, our love for him has increased, his services to UBG can never be forgotten, Hanif Gohar expressed his views. Said that void created by M Muneer’s departure can never be filled, we will follow in his footsteps and fulfill all his wishes, Huma Mir said that Bhai Jaan recognized Ahmad Shah’s leadership skills 22 years ago and expressed full confidence, , he has a big hand in the success of Ahmad Shah Ejaz Farooqi  Panel, Iqbal Latif expressed his opinion and said that SM Muneer Name is the Name of love . The name was, we can never forget him, he was truly a brother. Rizwan Siddiqui also express his views at the occasion.

(Updates: Shahid Mehmood Shahid)

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