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ACP Election: Ahmed Shah Ejaz Farooqi Panel Elected Unopposed for 2023-24

I got a vote of confidence, thanks also to those who did not get candidates, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah

The Arts Council of Pakistan held a press conference in Auditorium II regarding the results of the Karachi elections for the year 2023-2024 in which Commissioner Karachi and Chief Election Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal gave a briefing. Deputy Commissioner District South Saeed Laghari was also present on this occasion. Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon said that the whole world already knew the results. The elections were to be held on December 18 but there was no one in opposition.

We have said earlier that we will have equal voting rights. Want, to be elected unopposed is also a beautiful process of democracy and those who thought that there will be expenses on election is a good idea, they said that writers teach us how to take the society forward, The responsible people they will continue to fulfill this responsibility, I always see that people love Ahmed Shah, Ijaz Farooqui panel, people who are working for social events, if they don’t accept them, then we are not a living nation. “We have the passion to move forward. I am happy. We love educated people,” he said that a calendar should be compiled, Karachi has become the hub of arts, we should talk positively, he said, I am proud of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Lahore was the axis of art, we have overtaken it. Today they are asking us how we do so many things, He said that the cooperation of the Sindh government is always with you and will continue to be in the future. , Ejaz Ahmad Farooqui (Secretary), Noorulhuda Shah (Joint Secretary), Qudsia Akbar (Treasurer) while Syed Asjad Bukhari, Dr. S.M Qaiser Sajjad, Dr. Huma Mir, Akhlaq Ahmed, Syed Shahzad Raza Naqvi, Syed Sajid Hassan, Dr. Ambreen Haseeb Amber, Ghazi Salahuddin are in the Governing Body. Salahuddin, Dr. Muhammad Ayoub Sheikh, Nusrat Haris, Farrukh Tanveer, and Shahnaz are included. President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said, “I thank all of them. This is an organization that has 6 and a Half Thousand voters, one thousand of whom are journalists. No one stood up. In the previous elections, only one hundred votes were against.” But now they also thought that the Arts Council is working. It is a vote of confidence in me and my colleagues. It means that 100 percent of the people voted for us, more than the promises I made. What has been done, want to take the institution even further, he said, I promise you, whenever you hear about this institution, it will continue like this, he said, this time the Governing Body. I have made some changes, after being elected unopposed, a heavy responsibility has been imposed on me, the way the Arts Council Karachi worked in Covid-19 and during the flood are all in front of you, that’s why the confidence of the members has also increased, he said that we will also inaugurate the Jinnah Cultural Complex tomorrow and are taking the Urdu conference to the Global level.

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