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Art exhibition of renowned artist Shaan Amrohavi

Amroha’s soil smells of creation”, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah

“Literature and economy go hand in hand”, President Bank of Punjab Zafar Masood

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized the exhibition “Vintage Power” of well-known artist Shaan Amrohawi at Ahmed Parvez Art Gallery. President of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, President  Bank of Punjab Zafar Masood, Various painters and art connoisseurs including artist Shaan Amrohi participated. Painter Shaan Amrohi’s masterpieces were based on the use of elephants and horses in historical wars.

Commenting on the exhibition, President Arts Council Muhammad Shah said that Shaan Amrohavi does very beautiful work. He is a man of that world who shows the wars of history. Those wars are still happening today. It shows the conflict. Shaan is  The pride  Amroha. The President of Bank of Punjab, Zafar Masood, is among us. He is the son of our Vice President  Munawar Saeed. This family is the pride of Amroha. The smell of creativity comes from the soil of Amruha. This is a rare family. Bank of Punjab is working for the promotion of art and culture. Zafar Masood is a Punjabi whose mother tongue is not Punjabi but He  is promoting the art and culture of  President Bank of Punjab Zafar Masood, while expressing his views on the exhibition, said that this event is suitable for Shaan Amroha. Shaan is carrying forward the legacy of Amroha. Ahmed Shah inspires us. Ahmed Shah’s services are commendable. We have successfully done the Islamic Art Festival in Lahore along with the Arts Council Karachi. Shaan has done a great job. There is a series on display called Vintage Power. Shaan has been doing this for the past twenty years. We can’t do anything until we support our artist’s culture. Literature and economy are side by side. We have left culture alone. Painting is a very powerful medium.Shaan was honored with the best watercolor award which is a matter of pride for us. All the artists who came here today proved that Shaan is a great artist. Do visit the exhibition to support Shaan’s work.

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