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آرٹس کونسل آف پاکستان کراچی‎

An evening with poet Ahmed Attaullah

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi’s Literary Committee (Poetry)  Organized an evening with famous aesthetic poet of Azad Kashmir Ahmed Attaullah at Hasina Moin Hall, which was presided over by Professor Sahar Ansari while the poetess Dr. Fatima Hassan, Ambareen Haseeb Anbar, Sabir Zafar, Shabbir Nazish, Nizhat Abbasi, Ramzi Asim, young poetess Sophia Zahid, Aurangzeb, Dr. Hina Ambareen Tariq and Rashid Noor recited the poems.

Shakeel khan performed the of Moderator . On the occasion, Professor Sahar Ansari said in his presidential address that poet Ahmed Attaullah’s writings show how dear he is to village life, the tradition of ghazal is 800 years old, it is a difficult genre of speech. Finding your tone is a big thing and Ahmed Attaullah has found his tone in his ghazals, his ghazals affect you in a special way, I congratulate him, and I want any future collection of poetry. If published, please send it to Arts Council Karachi so that other people can benefit from it. Chairperson of the Literary Committee (Poetry) Anbareen Haseeb Anbar said that Ahmed Attaullah is a poet of a special tone and a unique style, there is a constant vibrancy in the Arts Council Karachi, the credit of which goes to the President of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah. Here No one is big or small, but we are all equal. This is the arts council of all of us. Poet Ahmed Attaullah expressed his opinion and said, “Today the festival of love has been organized. I feel very good to be here. I am great full to   the president of the arts council for organizing such a wonderful event.” Thanks to Mohammad Ahmad Shah and his team.

(updated by: Shahid Mehmood Shahid)

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