The splendor of Mehran Arts Council Hyderabad has been restored, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has started a ten-day Sindh Theater Festival at Mehran Arts Council Hyderabad.
The hall of Mehran Arts Council  Hyderabad was named after the renowned artist of Pakistan Film Industry Mustafa Qureshi

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized “Sindh Theater Festival 2022” in Hyderabad at Mehran Arts Council. Sindh Culture Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah and President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah inaugurated the ten-day Sindh Theatre  Festival. Joint Secretary Asjad Bukhari, Members Governing Body Shakeel Khan, Chairman Media and Publication Bashir Sadozai, Chief Coordinator Shah Nawaz Bhatti and a large number of citizens including artists of Hyderabad participated in the Sindh Theater Festival.

Sindh Culture and Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah said that I am grateful to Ahmed Shah for taking up this task. Hyderabad is the cultural center. My childhood was spent roaming in the streets of Hyderabad. I have been a trustee of the cultural activities of Hyderabad. The administrative capital of Sindh is Karachi, but the cultural capital is Hyderabad. The land of Sindh is our mother.

Arts Council has been deprived of cultural activities. Arts Council Karachi has become the biggest institution of culture. It is a good initiative of Ahmed Shah that he is working for artists. We will organize more cultural programs. We want to connect the all arts  councils together our effort is that the artists get employment. The work will continue and their house will continue. Ahmed Shah is a great man who is accepted by all. President Arts Council of  Pakistan Karachi Muhammad  Ahmed Shah said that  We will also do theatre, we will do classical music, we will also do Dhamaal. We will bring all these people together. We want to bring all the artists of Sindh together. Sindh is our mother, she gave us shelter, she gave us education, she gave us respect. We are expanding the scope of cultural programs. We are activating the Arts Councils of Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpur Khas. We are starting this work with Mehran Arts Council Hyderabad. This is the first. Sindh Theater Festival. Music Festival and Literary Festival will also be held here. We have to connect hearts. Culture is the only thing that can connect hearts. Hyderabad is a historical city. This series will continue like this. In the ten-day Sindh Theater Festival, five Sindhi language theaters and five Urdu language theaters will be present.

Provincial Education and Culture Minister Syed Sardar Shah has named the theater hall of Mehran Arts Council Hyderabad after the country’s well-known artist Mustafa Qureshi on the suggestion of Muhammad Ahmad Shah, President of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. Addressing the opening ceremony of the 10-day theater festival on behalf of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Monday evening at the Mehran Arts Council as the chief guest, he said that Ahmed Shah is such a dictator that everyone listens to him with pleasure. Mustafa Qureshi belongs to Hyderabad who introduced the name of Pakistan to the world, today this hall is named after him. Mustafa Qureshi is still alive and he will be happy to hear that this hall has been named after him. This is an acknowledgment of their services.

(Updated by: Shahid Mehmood Shahid)