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Beautiful works of renowned sculptor Anjum Ayaz

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized an exhibition based on the beautiful works of renowned sculptor Anjum Ayaz in Jaun Eliy Lawn . The exhibition was inaugurated by the well-known intellectual and writer Anwar Maqsood and the president of Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah. Sculptor Anjum Ayaz carved the stones and put names of Allah on them.

President Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah spoke at the exhibition. He said that Anjum Ayaz is a great artist. Anjum Ayaz has carved stones and carved names of Allah on them. This is a great work that he has done. I am grateful to Anjum Ayaz for choosing the Arts Council for the exhibition. The names of Allah are carved on different types of stones. This is a joint effort of the Arts Council Karachi and Anjum Ayaz. This exhibition will continue for three days. Anwar Maqsood, expressing his views on the exhibition, said that those who know Anjum Ayaz, those who know art, who are fond of art, all believe in Anjum Ayaz. Anjum Ayaz belongs to Amroha. No man of Amruha can live without calligraphy. Amruha without calligraphy is like Pakistan without Pakistan Army. His mother used to tell him to do calligraphy only. They have prepared the material of forgiveness very quickly. There are also such stones in Pakistan. Allah has placed many blessings on our land. You will find Anjum’s works of art everywhere in China, Japan, and all over the world. Jimmy Engineer, speaking from the ceremony, said that It is surprising that there are so many beautiful stones in our country which we don’t know about. Wherever Anjam Ayaz exhibited, I went there. Ahmed Shah planted a diamond here. Sculptor Anjum Ayaz expressed his opinion and said that Anwar Maqsood is one of his own. I have an old relationship with the Arts Council. I pray to Ahmed Shah. Ahmad Shah has done a lot of work for art. I started carving stones and engraved names on them. There are all kinds of stones in our countryAn exhibition of the beautiful works of sculptor Anjum Ayaz

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