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Jaun Elia, 20th death anniversary

In connection with the 20th anniversary of the famous poet of Pakistan, Jaun Elia, a ceremony was held in the Auditorium II of the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi. Where the speakers shared the moments spent with Jaun Elia and his poetry with the audience.

Renowned poet Iftikhar Arif presided over the event through online participation from Islamabad. The participants of the discussion included President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Dr. Ambreen Haseeb Anbar, Abbas Naqvi, and Sohail Javed Express their views. On this occasion, Iftikhar Arif said that Ahmad Shah has always protected the honor of people. He did not tolerate abuse of people. Ahmed Shah should be praised for this. June was a cultured man, he came from a cultured society, he belonged to a traditionalist family, and he wrote many immortal poems. Before Jaun, poetry was not written in a common language. At  that time, there was more emphasis on classical poetry, but Jaun. He broke the language and wrote poetry. Life should not be found in poetry and Jaun used to write such poetry. President of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that Jaun belonged to a family that  produced great writers. Our love for reading and writing came from Jaun’s house, a poet of our own. It leaves an impact. Jaun was a rebel. Jaun was an educated person in our society. I read Ghalib, and Iqbal since childhood, but I felt that Jaun was close to Ghalib. Sometimes he seemed to me like Qurrat-ul-Ain. In his poetry. You will find all the characters. Jaun’s colors were numerous. Wherever Urdu is understood and spoken,  Jaun most eloquent poet, but he is also popular among those people who do not know Urdu well. Jaun was such a sweet poison embedded in the veins that show its effect slowly. No one escaped the effect of his charm. I am grateful to Jaun Sahib he taught me to walk on this difficult path. Ahmad Shah read Jaun Elia’s poetry written on the political situation of Karachi. Manwar Saeed said that Jaun  Elia was a very difficult person. He came to Pakistan from Amroha in 1957. Jaun used to live in our house. My uncle spent a lot of time with Jaun. Jaun was very fond of wrestling in Amroha. There used to be Dangal. Uncle Jaun used to take me to see Dangal. Jaun was a wonderful person. Jaun was a very sensitive person. If anything was said against his mood, he would keep quiet. Filmmaker Sohail Javed expressed his opinion and said that twenty yearsback. I was introduced to Ghalib at a young age. Seven years ago I became connected with Jaun Elia. The most visual poet after Ghalib was Jaun Elia. helped me a lot with visuals. People are still celebrating Jaun’s work. Abbas Naqvi, speaking at the event, said that when he spoke, there was some message in it. He taught us to sit up in gatherings. Dr. Anbareen Haseeb Anbar presented his essay on Jaun Elia. She said that we have In the modern era, the concept of beloved is very different. Love is the next destination for Mr. Jaun. When he started to know the truth of things, he did not think of writing any passion. Mr. Jaun himself writes that he has humiliated beautiful women all his life. Jaun believed that beautiful women do not love poets like us but are attracted to rich men. Well –known journalist Pirzada Salman performed  the duties of moderator

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