The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi held a condolence meeting in memory of Bilqees Edhi in AC Auditorium I

Sindh Minister for Labour and Manpower Saeed Ghani, Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Faisal Edhi, Kishwar Zehra, Dr Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Dr Fatima Hassan, Ejaz Ahmad Farooqi, Dr Alia Imam, Qazi Khidr, Saba Edhi, Almas Edhi, Syed Nusrat Ali, Dr Ayub Sheikh, Iqbal Latif, Zahra Khan, Naghma and Nuzhat spoke on the occasion.

Saeed Ghani prayed that his children grow up to become like Abdul Sattar and Bilqees Edhi. “Abdul Sattar Edhi never used politics to do good deeds.” The speakers agreed that Faisal Edhi continued his father’s mission.

“We have to work hard to keep it, said Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah. “The work done by Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilqees Apa is unparalleled. I am very impressed with their personality.”

He added that Bilqees Edhi had a big heart. Shah urged other women to come forward and carry out his mission.

Faisal Edhi recalled that his mother always reminded him that the buildings, vehicles, and centres did not belong to the family. “We are only its keepers and servants,” he said while quoting his mother.

Faisal Edhi’s wife believed herself to be an extremely lucky daughter-in-law. “I will support Faisal at every step, just like my mother supported Edhi Sahib.

Reported by: Shahid Mehmood Shahid