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14th Aalmi Urdu Conference 2021

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah inaugurated the 14th International Urdu Conference at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, while addressing the inaugural session of the International Urdu Conference, said that writers and poets could play a vital role in eradicating the climate of extremism. New libraries will be set up in the district. The Sindh government will extend all possible cooperation for the promotion of literature and Urdu language. Provincial Minister for Culture and Education Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh and Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab, and President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah also addressed on the occasion. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah further said in his address The PPP government has been present in Sindh province since the same year.

We are ready to work with all these organizations for organizing literary conferences and promoting poetry and literature to eradicate the atmosphere of extremism. We hold such conferences; he said we are all heartbroken by the Sialkot incident. We have to think about the effect that such incidents are having on the minds of our children. He said that we should all fight together to end such an environment. “Every one of us should play our part in the ongoing fight against extremism and violence,” he said. “Writers and intellectuals, in particular, can play a vital role in improving the situation.” V-talk shows should also include programs that promote poetry and make the younger generation fall in love with books. We should spread content on social media that is soft and fluent. Good and beautiful things are passed on to present and future generations. He said that with the advent of print media as well as electronic media, media has become powerful but the importance of print media cannot be denied even in this modern age of information technology. What is hidden and read remains in the minds of the people, he said. Earlier, addressing the function, Provincial Minister for Education and Culture Syed Sardar Ali Shah said that the World Urdu Conference is one of the best in the world for those who love the Urdu language. There is a big festival for which the credit goes to Arts Council Karachi President Ahmad Shah and his team. All the languages ​​spoken in the subcontinent together have given birth to the Urdu language, so the biggest test for Urdu is Languages ​​have connected Urdu. Today Urdu should also be connected with these languages. Today we are facing big challenges in front of the basic elements of the civilization we belong to. Such policies have to be formulated to stop the storm of extremism. To prevent extremist incidents and create a spirit of tolerance among the people, dialogue should be held with writers and poets instead of dialogue with extremists. If Punjab is to avoid incidents like Sialkot, then Baba Bale Shah, Mian Muhammad. We have to return to the poetry of Baksh, Waris Shah, Rehman Baba, and others, he added. If it is based on peace, then the culture, poetry, and culture of Sindh have a big role to play in it. Speaking against peace and fire, he said that the Urdu language has to play the role of a mother and all languages ​​have to go hand in hand. Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh and Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab said that language and culture is the most important part of any society and we have forgotten our language in an attempt to become something else. The World Urdu Conference will be instrumental in reviving our beautiful past and making our present and future generations aware of the importance of language. Some people tried to learn English in such a way that they could neither learn English nor speak Urdu properly. President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that when the World Urdu Conference was held for the first time 14 years ago, the situation was not conducive then and some sections did not want to hold such conferences. Yes, they wanted our society to be devoid of civilization and civilization, but we thwarted their intentions. They said that we are like a soldier standing on the border. He said that the International Urdu Conference is no less than an Eid for the literary circles of Karachi. And the provincial minister of education and culture Syed Sardar Ali Shah has proved by his every move that he is at the forefront of promoting his culture and civilization for the promotion of peace and harmony in the province, he said. The government has never obliged the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi to do so, despite full financial support Or what programs should be here or not, he said that the purpose of holding the World Urdu Conference is to raise such questions from this forum that we all know that He said that the purpose of holding the World Urdu Conference is to raise such questions from this forum so that we all know what has happened to our civilization and society. It is the common responsibility of all of us who are the enemies of extremism, civilization, and culture and who want to bring peace to this country to fight against them with our pen and our positive thinking, literature, and culture would be the mirror of society. That is why we will hold a National Cultural Conference in March 2022. Because we support this soil and we will fulfill our duty to protect it. He also presented the book and flowers of the World Urdu Conference.

سنڌ جي وڏي وزیر سید مراد علي شاھ چیو آھي تہ انتھا پسندي جي ماحول کي ختم ڪرڻ لئہ ادیب۔ شاعر بھترین ڪردار ادا ڪري سگھن ٿا۔ اسان کي پنھنجي نوجوان نسل کي ڪتابن جي ویجھو آڻڻو پوندو ھر ضلعي ۾ نیون لئبریریون ٺھڻ گھرجن، اردو ادب جي ترقي لئہ سنڌ سرڪار ھر ڪنھن سان سھڪار ڪرڻ لئہ تیار آھیون۔ وڏي وزیر چیو تہ ھندوستان ۾ 26ٻولےون ڳالھایون ویندیون آھن سڀني کي قومي ٻولین جو درجو حاصل آھي اسان کي بہ سنڌي بلوچي پشتو پنجابي سرائیڪي ٻولین کي قومي ٻولین جو درجو ڏیڻ گھرجي۔ ھن اھڙن خیالن جو اظھار آرٽس  ڪائونسل آف پاڪستان ڪراچي ۾ شروع ٿیل چئن ڏھاڙن جي چوڏھین عالمي اردو ڪانفرنس 2021 کي مک مھمان طور خطاب ڪندی ڪیو۔ ھن موقعي تي ثقافت جي وزیر سردار شاھ۔ ڪراچي جي ایڊمنسٽریٽر مرتضي وھاب۔ آرٽس ڪائونسل جي صدر احمد شاھ بہ خطاب ڪیو۔ وڏي وزیر مراد علي شاھ چیو تہ عالمي اردو ڪانفرنس جي شروعات 2008 ۾ ٿي ھئي جڏھن پیپلز پارٽي جي حڪومت ھئي تڏھن کان سنڌ ۾ پي پي ۾ جي حڪومت موجود آھي عالمي ڪانفرنس پي پي جي حڪومت گڏ ھلندیون رھندیون۔ ھن چیو تہ سیالڪوٽ جھڙا واقعا دل جھوریندڙ آھن، اسان کي سوچڻو پوندو تہ ان قسم جا واقعا اسان جي ٻارن تي ڇا اثر ڇڏیندا ھوندا۔ اھڙي ماحول جي خاتمي لئہ اسان سڀني جي گڏجي ڊگھي جنگ وڙھڻي پوندي۔ ھن چیو تہ اسان مان سڀني کي انتھا پسندي۔ دھشت گردي خلاف پنھنجو پنھنجو ڪردار ادا ڪرڻو پوندو پر ادیب دانشور اھم ڪردار ادا ڪري سگھن ٿا۔ ھن چیو تہ شام ستین وڳي کان وٺي رات ٻارھین وڳي تائین ٽي وي تي ٿیندڙ ٽاڪ شوز ۾ بہ انتھا پرستي جون ڳالھیون ٿین ٿیون اسان  کي ٽي وي پروگرامن ۾ روز ادبي پروگرامن کي وقت ڏیڻ گھرجي جن ۾ علم ادب جون ڳالھیون معاشري ۾ انتھا پرستي خلاف ڳالھیون ٿیڻ گھرجن۔ جن ۾ محبت۔ امن۔ سلامتي جون ڳالھیون ٿیندیون ھجن۔ ھن چیو تہ نوجوان نسل کي ڪتابن ڏانھن واپس آڻڻو پوندو لئبریرین ڏانھن آڻڻو پوندو ڇوتہ سیاست دانن جون ڳالھیون ایتریون پر اثر نہ ھوندیون آھن جیتریون ڳالھیون ادیبن شاعرن جون پر اثر ھوندیون آھن۔  سید مراد علي شاھ چیو تہ سوشل میڊیا تي اھڙین ڳالھین کي ڦھلائڻ گھرجي جن مان نوجوان نسل جي تربیت ٿي سگھي الیڪٽرانڪ میڊیا سان گڏ پرنٽ میڊیا جي اھمیت کان انڪار ناھي پر سوشل میڊیا جو مثبت استعمال ضروري آھي۔ ان کان اڳ تقریب کي خطاب ڪندي سنڌي جي تعلیم۔ ثقافت جي وزیر سردار شاھ چیو تہ عالمي اردو ڪانفرنس سڄي دنیا ۾ اردو ڳالھائیندڙن جو وڏو ادبي میلو آھي جیڪو آرٽس ڪائونسل جي صدر احمد شاھ جو وڏو ڪارنامو آھي۔ ھن چیو تہ ننڍي کنڊ ۾ ڳالھائیندڙ سمورین ٻولین گڏجي اردو کي جنم ڏنو آھي ان ڪري اڄ اردو ٻولي لئہ امتحان آھي تہ جن ٻولین اردو کي جنم ڏنو اردو بہ انھن ٻولین سان جُڙي وڃي۔ سردار شاھ چیو تہ اڄ ضرورت آھي تہ انتھا پسندن۔ دھشت گردن سان ڊائیلاگ ڪرڻ بدران ادیبن سان ڊائلاگ ڪرڻ گھرجي۔ سیالڪوٽ جھڙن واقعن کان بچڻو آھي تہ صوفي شاعرن ڏانھن موٽڻو پوندو۔ سنڌ ۾ اڄ اسین پنھنجي ثقافت کي محفوظ ڪیو ویٺا آھیون تہ ان جو سبب ریاست ناھي پر شاھ لطیف سچل سرمست شاھ عنایت آھن جن عملي طور انتھا پسندي خلاف جنگ وڙھي۔ ڪراچي جي ایڊمنسٽریٽر مرتضي وھاب چیو تہ ماضي جي شاندار روایتن وانگر اسان کي انگریزي بدران اردو تي ڌیان ڏیڻو پوندو۔ آرٽس ڪائونسل جي صدر احمد شاھ چیو تہ چوڏھن سال اڳ جڏھن اسان ھي ڪانفرنس شروع ڪئي ھئي تہ ماحول سازگار نہ ھئو چالیھ چالیھ ماڻھو قتل ٿیندا ھئا ڪجھ ڌریون تھذیب ثقافت جون دشمن ھیون پیپلز پارٽي جي حڪومت ھتي ادب۔ ثقافت کي ترقي وٺرائي اسین سمجھون ٿا تہ ثقافت۔ ادب۔ تھذیب سان ئي دھشت۔ وحشت جو مقابلو ڪري سگھي ٿو۔ ھن اعلان ڪیو تہ ایندڙ سال مارچ ۾ قومي ثقافتي ڪانفرنس ڪرائڻ جو اعلان ٿو ڪریان جنھن سڀني ثقافتی وچ ۾ ڊائلاگ ڪنداسین۔ ڇو تہ اسین ھن ڌرتي جا حامي آھیون   ھن موقعي تي آرٽس ڪائونسل جي صدر احمد شاھ وڏي وزیر کی گذریل سال جي ڪانفرنس جو ڪتابڙو بہ پیش ڪیو۔

Addressing the four-day 14 International Urdu Conference at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi, the scholars and intellectuals said that the voice and vibrancy of the Urdu language reach all those who have heart and feeling, Urdu. Language is a miracle of languages, the atmosphere that the creators need is not fully available to them but they find a way for themselves to some extent, said Zahra Negah, chair of the inaugural session of the 14 Urdu Conference Khan, Kishore Naheed, Muneeza Hashmi, Noorul Huda Shah, Yousuf Kushk, Munawar Saeed and Gopi Chand Narang from India online while researcher and educationist Dr. Jaffar Ahmed and linguist Dr. Tariq Rehman presented the keynote speech. Speaking online from India, Gopi Chand Narang said that he was born in Pakistan and his language is Balochi and Seraiki while he also knows Pashto. He later said that Urdu is a part of my DNA. He said that this region is very fertile in terms of language, so many languages ​​are not spoken anywhere else that are spoken in this region. Along with politeness, there is also the fragrance of our soil. In Urdu, the sounds of our earth are heard. The beauty of Urdu has been further enhanced, said Dr. Jaffar Ahmed, an educationist, and researcher. Is expanding, we are celebrating our culture in a situation that is not conducive to us. How fast is the poisonous water of India being released? He said that the standards of criticism in the world of literature are constantly changing. He said that the openness of culture is indispensable for literature. He said that there is no frontier of ideas. The terms of literature cannot be fixed in any office but they are registered in the heart of the writer, said Dr. Tariq Rehman. He said that Urdu is our national language but there is a need to give national language status to other regional languages ​​as well. It is said that Urdu is the dominant language. He said that the breadth and openness of the Urdu language have their place but give importance to other local languages ​​also we need to take it with us and promote it so that it too. Achieve the status of national language like the Urdu language. Zahra Nigah expressed the hope that if today’s conditions are not conducive for poetry and civilization then such conferences and writers Thanks to the efforts made, the time will come when the society will change, the society will change and we will see that instead of intolerance, we will tolerate each other. Renee’s feelings must have been aroused on this occasion Secretary Arts Council Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Farooqi expressed his gratitude while Dr. Huma Mir presided over the inaugural session.

2nd Day of 14th Aalmi Urdu Conference 2021

Addressing the book launching ceremony of important sessions on the second day of the International Urdu Conference, intellectuals and writers said that a good and quality book is still important and people still read the book. Writers should create standard literature. The session was hosted by Ouj Kamal. Commenting on Qamar Raza Shehzad’s book Khakzar, Mubeen Mirza said that it is both difficult and easy to discuss Shehzad’s creations. It is difficult to talk about 35 years of friendship and it is easy to talk about his poetry. For Qamar Raza Shehzad, reciting poetry is a process of survival. It happens In poetry, his relationship with God is such that sometimes it turns into love, and sometimes it turns into sorrow. Qamar Raza Shehzad said that the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi introduced my book globally. Commenting on Dr. Iqbal Pirzada’s book on paper, Tajdar Adil said that Dr. Iqbal Pirzada was one of the galaxies of poets and writers in Hyderabad. He also read selected poems of Pirzada. He said that Dr. Pirzada is a doctor of chest diseases but he is also aware of the secrets of the chest. Every one of his poems is a secret of each other. Syed Noman-ul-Haq, while commenting on Haris Khaliq’s book Heeran-e-Sar-e-Bazaar, said that his poetry has been adapted into every area of the subcontinent and its imagery. Perfect reflections on events in poetry … also style … I thought that this book is about ghazals but the poems in it are also wonderful. But he did not break the tradition of ghazals. He is a young poet. He also recited poems of Harris Khaliq. Najiba Arif commented on Hameed Shahid’s book Hairat Ka Bagh and Kashif Raza commented on Sabir Zafar’s book Atash Bekangi. On the second day of the conference, in various sessions, Khalid Fateh Mohammad’s novel Waqt Ki Bagh, Wajiha Warsi’s book Jangalistan and a handful of stories by renowned Indian writer Javed Siddiqui were also unveiled.

3rd Day of 14th Aalmi Urdu Conference 2021:

The third day of the 14th International Urdu Conference, held at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi, ended with an “Aalmi Mushaira” which caused a stir all over the world. The poetry was shown online to different parts of the globe.

Poets from all over the world, including Pakistan, participated in the mushaira. Among the poets were Kishore Naheed, Sarmad Sehbai, Anwar Shoor, Sabir Zafar, Ashfaq Hussain, Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Taqi Abidi, Tariq Sabzwari, Shahida Hassan, Yasmeen Hameed, Fatima Hassan, Tanveer Anjum, Farhat Ehsas, Ali Muhammad Farshi, Qamar Raza Shehzad, Aqeel Abbas Jafari, Ahmad Naveed, Hamida Shaheen, Ajmal Siraj, Haris Khaliq, Tasneem Abidi, Nasira Zubair, Babar Najmi, Tharwat Zahra, Shakeel Jazeb, Ahmed Salman, AH Khanzada while those who read online poetry included Amjad Islam Amjad, Ranjit Singh Chauhan, Ishrat Aafreen, Nusrat Mehdi, Khushbir Singh Shad, and Manzar Bhopali.

The famous poets presented their powerful pieces of poetry and received appreciation from the audience. Meanwhille, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday celebrations would be held at the Governor House Karachi on December 25 with the participation of chief ministers of all four provinces. “Prime Minister Imran Khan will attend the National Cultural Conference to be held at Arts Council Karachi in 2022.” He expressed these views to the media on his visit to the third day of the 14th International Urdu Conference held at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Saturday.

Expressing his views, he said that it was a good thing that the Arts Council Karachi had a festival of writers from the local language. He added it was one of the few major languages in the world and more steps should be taken for its development and promotion. He said that Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday would be celebrated jointly on December 25 at the Governor House Karachi with the participation of the chief ministers of all four provinces. “All the arrangements have been handed over to the Karachi Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah. (Thanks Tribune)

Leading personalities from the media industry took part in a panel discussion in the Urdu and Media Era session. Dino Ali, Mahim Mehr, Abdullah Sultan, Shafaat Ali, and Faizan Sheikh participated in the discussion while Azmi Al-Kareem acted as the director. The tradition of reading newspapers and bringing them home has come to an end. English has become so dominant that even a two-year-old child is being taught this language in the present times. TV anchor Abdullah Sultan said that our children do not know English and have also forgotten Urdu and are looking towards Roman culture while content in Urdu is available on top social networking sites in Pakistan. He further said that work was being done on quantity and not on quality. Conditions are still good, but we still need to work on children’s literature to save Urdu. People speak common sense Urdu, some speak fluent Urdu, the challenge of Urdu should not end, the evolution of Urdu can be painful, but we have to take this evolution towards development, Said Faizan Sheikh. Dino Ali said that Bayan is a musical band in which Natasha Baig announces the release of an album on Iqbal’s poetry. It is not that the young generation is completely unaware. Fatima Hassan, in response to a question, said that when I speak Urdu. I just speak Urdu. I have studied in Bengal but I speak Urdu well. The quality of ghazal has disappeared in this day and age. People living in Pakistan need thinking and thinking to speak Urdu. If this element comes then we will move towards development ourselves.

Renowned Scriptwriter, television presenter Anwar Maqsood delivering his speech on last day of the 14th Aalmi Urdu Conference at Arts Council of Pakistan

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