Condolence Reference: Arif Mehdi, Asif Mehdi & Khurshid Hussain

The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a condolence reference in the memory of two sons of Ghazal Emperor Mehdi Hassan, Arif Mehdi, Asif Mehdi and drummer Khurshid Hussain, in which tributes were paid to them. On this occasion, President Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that our society needs people who understand the importance of artist, the doors of Arts Council are always open for the artist community. He said that Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is always in the forefront for the welfare of the artist community. Understand.

Mohammad Ahmad Shah said that he expressed his condolences to the family of Mehdi Hassan and Khursheed Hussain. It was the grace of Allah that Khursheed Hussain was awarded the Pride of Performance in his lifetime on our suggestion.

“The confidence of all of you gives me the courage to continue working for the welfare of the artists,” he added.

Leading personalities of the music industry and members of the Governing Body Arts Council Karachi, including the families of Asif Mehdi, Arif Mehdi and tabla player Khurshid Hussain, attended the condolence reference. The program was directed by Noman Khan and Tanveer Afridi. A documentary on Asif Mehdi’s singing by Pakistan Television producer Amjad Shah was also screened on the occasion. Asif Mehdi’s wife Ruby refreshed his memories and said that Asif Mehdi was a very good husband and good father, he did not leave any sadness in our hearts, I am thankful to the President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah for arranging this event.

Asif Mehdi’s son Ali said that after his father left, the chapter of learning was closed and no one could make up for his lack. Dr. Huma Mir said that I have an old relationship with Mehdi Hassan’s family, we were neighbors, their grief, I feel my grief. Well known musician Azhar Hussain said that three of our dear friends have passed away. I am impressed with the action of Arts Council and Ahmad Shah that we are all gathered here. Expressing his views, Ustad Ghulam Abbas said that it is an honor to be a student of Mehdi Hassan’s family. Ghulam Abbas is also present.

Amjad Shah, producer of Pakistan Television, said that the Arts Council has a good tradition of refreshing the memory of artists who have passed away. On this occasion, singer Salman Alvi, singer Muhammad Ali, Sharif Awan, Jamal Akbar, Faisal Latif, Karam Abbas Khan, Faisal Nadeem and other participants expressed their views and paid tribute to the three artists.

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