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Arts Council pays tribute to Dr. Asif Farrukhi

The Arts Council of Pakistanhosted an event to pay tribute to Dr. Asif Farrukhi’s on the occasion of his first death anniversary. “Asif is sorely missed. Even today, if there is a need for consultation on something, then Asif Farrukhi comes to mind first” said president Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah.

Addressing the session, Shah further said “Asif Farrukhi started writing stories at the age of eleven; He worked hard on fiction, criticism, and translations, he played a major role in the International Urdu Conference and Karachi Literature Festival”“Soon Arts Council will launch a series of Farrukhi’s short stories” Shah announced. Virtually joining the event from America Kamran Asdar said that Asif’s death is unbelievable. There were many aspects to his life. He was a doctor, a writer, an editor, a good father, and a good friend. His memories will keep him alive. Presiding the session Afzal Ahmed Syed said “Asif had many personalities through which he influenced the society” Afzal said that in his personal opinion Asif will be remembered as a novelist in Urdu literature. Speaking on the occasion Asif’s friend Karan Singh said that “He had the virtue of working himself, but he had a knack for getting others to work for him. One of the virtues of Asif was that his every friend thought that he was closer to him. Inaam Nadeem said “For the past five years, Asif and I have been teaching the same course in an institute. Everyone was aware of his status and there is no one who did not value him” Speaking online from Lahore, Wajahat Masood said that Asif Farkhi was basically a man of creation and civilization. There is no one like Asif Farrukh in bringing the creation of others to the fore. He will always be missed. On the occasion, Khalid Javed was connected virtually from Delhi. He said that the news of Asif’s demise was bad news for the people of India as well. Asif was the ambassador of Urdu Literature. His perspectives and way of observing the subjects were very unique.

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