Arts Council hosts Women’s Conference on International Women’s Day

The two-day “Second Women Conference” at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi got off to a great start with the drum circle and ACMA Band performances. Already the voice for freedom was raised and this war is still going on today, we have to come forward for hunger, poverty and to get our rights, we have working women here today on behalf of the Arts Council and members of the Governing Body Greetings to all women.

He said that men and women must work together to build a better family and society. Unfortunately, the situation in developing countries is worse. He said that we should move beyond sloganeering. Problems have to be solved through dialogue. Women working in our hospitals have fought for their rights.

On this occasion, Noor Zaheer from India while talking online said that today’s woman is second to none. The role of women is very important in the sit-ins. It is very important to hold a women’s conference where we can discuss our issues. “We will continue chanting slogans until our word is obeyed,” he said. “I am grateful to Ahmad Shah for making me a part of this important conference, March 8, International Women’s Day.”

Started with the women of America, this is a day of celebration aimed at celebrating the success of women, I salute the brave women who have struggled in every era of history, the same women The struggle has given us rights today, he said, adding that the countries headed by women fought hard against corona, women were at the forefront of dealing with the epidemic. Snatched, women everywhere in the lockdown during this epidemic showed courage and perseverance!

Noor ul Huda Shah said that it is an honor for me to join Arts Council Karachi for women’s rights. Last year, women raised their voices for their rights differently. There was a slogan “My body is my will” for Pakistan. It has become a matter of honor, I have not been a part of any feminist movement, the way men reacted to this slogan made me a feminist, any slogan that travels around the world has a meaning here.

In a society where women continue to produce children like machines when misunderstandings are created against rights, this is what happens when the slogan is raised that the protector of a woman’s body is a man. The role of the brother is the one who raises the biggest question. In any religion, brothers and sisters do not have the right to decide the life of the brother and sister. The brother has become the killer of the sister; he is gnashing his teeth on it. Don’t say “my body is my will”. The biggest thing is to be aware of your rights.

Only if you are aware of your rights can you raise your voice. A woman needs to be aware of her rights. Yes, he said, a woman does not know her right to inherit. Leading Indian actress Shabana Azmi congratulated the Second Women Conference on Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi via a video message.

On this occasion, renowned writer Kishore Naheed recited her poem “Sinful Women” while Secretary Arts Council Ejaz Farooqi thanked all the participants. After the inaugural function, the first session of the Second Women’s conference discussed the topic of “My Life is My Choice” in which Mehnaz Rehman, Malika Khan, Sheema Kirmani, Shahnaz Rahu, Hani Baloch The second meeting was held under the name of “Economic Empowerment of Women” in which Kazim Saeed spoke and briefed about the economic empowerment of women. The meeting was chaired by Huri Noorani. Various performances of women were also arranged on the occasion in which Aafreen Sehar recited Sara Shagufta’s letter to Amrita Pritam while Bakhtawar Mazhar recited poetry written on women; Maryam Syed danced on the poetry of Fehmida Riaz. And Kaif Ghaznavi danced “Kajrali” Kishore Naheed, Azra Abbas, Shahida Hassan (Canada), Yasmeen Hameed (Lahore), Fatima Hassan, Tanveer Anjum, Naseem Syed (Canada), Ishrat Afarin (USA), Rehana Rohi, Humaira Rehman (USA), Nusrat Mehdi (India) Hamida Shaheen (Lahore), Atiya Dawood, Nasira Zubair, and other poets were present while Ambareen Haseeb Ambar performed the duties of the director.

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