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Two-day 2nd Women Conference begins Tomorrow

The Pakistan Arts Council will hold the 2nd Women Conference in Karachi on March 6 (tomorrow) and March 7, Arts Council President Mohammad Ahmed Shah announced during a news conference.

“We pay tribute to all the women who have excelled in every field. If women are pushed aside, all dreams of development will remain unfulfilled,” said Shah. “A single woman cannot work for her rights. Economic empowerment will not be possible if women are forced to stay at home; both men and women must work together.”

He said that the issue of women’s rights is an international issue. He also said that the 2nd Women Conference is being organised in consultation with female experts in their respective fields.

“During the 2nd Women Conference, the Covid-19 standard operating procedures will be complied with strictly. Viewers will be allowed to sit in the hall with a gap of one seat. Masks will be provided to those who come without them and hands will be sanitised at the entrance.”

Writer and columnist Noor-ul-Huda Shah said on the occasion that if we want to change society, we must first spread respect and love. “We want the participation of not only women but also men in the conference.”

Rights activist Anis Haroon said that economic empowerment is the most important thing in the world today. “The nations where women equally work as men are in power today. Women’s fight is not against men but against patriarchy, which deprives them of their basic rights.”

Arts Council Secretary Ejaz Ahmed Farooqi said that we should focus on providing every child with access to education. “If a woman is not educated, her children cannot develop better. Education is necessary to raise awareness and make women aware of their rights.”

This year the Women Conference comprises sessions on women’s mental and reproductive health, honour killing, economic empowerment, education, social issues, art, theatre and dance.

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