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آرٹس کونسل آف پاکستان کراچی‎

Special Lecture “Ghalib Fahmi” on Ghalib’s Death Anniversary

“Ghalib was the greatest prose writer of his time who was great at humor also, his tricks were amazing. It is said that every poet rebels, but Ghalib rebelled against rebellion, Ghalib is not so easy to understand, just as Shakespeare is difficult to understand, so is Ghalib” These views were expressed by renowned scholar Dr. Noman-ul-Haq in a special lecture “Ghalib Fahmi” organized by the Karachi Arts Council on the occasion of the death anniversary of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. Talking about Ghalib’s personality and style of writing, Dr. Noman-ul-Haq said that Ghalib’s poetry covers his beloved, but unfortunately he could not see his beloved.

There is something that must be grasped by the intellect. Talking about poetry, Dr. Noman-ul-Haq said that the use of ancient Persian language in Ghalib’s poetry is evident.  Ghalib had an amazing sense of humor he even spoke about his death in an interesting way and did not create darkness۔ Dr. Noman-ul-Haq added that the irony is that I teach about Ghalib in Pakistan but for the reference, I use Columbia’s website. On this occasion, the participants asked interesting questions about Ghalib’s poetry and prose, to which Dr. Noman-ul-Haq answered in an amazing way. The special lecture was attended by eminent academic and literary personalities. President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah thanked the audience and said that on the occasion of Ghalib’s death anniversary, he thought of doing something to commemorate Ghalib and to freshen up his memories and he did not have the courage to disobey Ghalib’s edict, so he invited Dr. Noman-ul-Haq for a special lecture. He added that I am grateful to the governing body of Karachi Arts Council for celebrating Ghalib’s death anniversary ۔