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Youm e Tashakur, Quaid-e-Azam Day and Christmas

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi President Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that in order to strengthen the federation, importance should be given to regional languages and culture so that the units of the country realize that their problems are being addressed and given importance. Is. Even if all the problems of the units are not solved, steps must be taken at the state level to end their sense of deprivation. This work has been started by the Arts Council.

We have included regional languages in the Urdu Conference with this in mind. He expressed these views while addressing the panel’s celebration success program after cutting Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday and Christmas cake at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Friday evening. Successful officials and members of the governing body were also present on the occasion. He said, “Today is a great day, the birthday of the father of the nation who gave us this country. On this day we have to pledge that we will develop this country according to the vision of the father of the nation. Today, we also congratulate the Christian community who have the same rights as you and me in our country.

This year has been very traumatic. Many of our members and comrades died of the coronavirus. But we did not give up hope. This is a day of renewed commitment, we have not forgotten and will not forget any of our comrades.” “I am grateful to all the members of the Arts Council who trusted me and my colleagues. We will make your Arts Council an international institution,” he said. He said that when we started the International Urdu Conference, there was no festival in the country and after that festivals started taking place all over the country. The proceedings of the conference were seen all over the world on the internet. We have tried to eradicate hatred in the country by including regional languages and cultures in this conference and we will continue to do so. Later a musical program was held which lasted for a long time.

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