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The two-day Mohsin-e-Insaniyat Conference 2020

“We will not respect those who do not respect our prophet, we strongly condemn the insolence of the prophet from France’ said religious scholar Mohammad Zubair. “The spirit of religious scholars for the promotion of religion is commendable,” said the Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah.

A two-day “Mohsin Insaniyat Conference” organized by Arts Council Karachi was held at Karachi Arts Council. The conference was attended by modern scholars from across the country. Addressing the conference, President Arts Council Ahmad Shah said that the knowledge of religious scholars would help the people to understand religion. The spirit of modern scholars for the promotion of religion is commendable. He said that the people are not interested in serious religious talks but we will not give up this regard even if there is only one listener. The arrival of scholars from all over the country at the Conference is pleasing. We are grateful to the scholars for organizing this beautiful gathering for two days.

 Leading religious scholar Mufti Muhammad Zubair said that he strongly condemned the blasphemous sketches on government buildings in France. This is the first incident of blasphemy at the official level. Insult cannot be allowed in any way. The Prime Minister should respond at the official level. Condemning this act in the conference hall, participants including scholars raised their hands in solidarity and passed a resolution. Scholar Mohammad Hammad Lakhvi said that this act of insulting our Prophet (PBUH) is not tolerable at any cost and Islamic countries should declare war against them.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Mohsin Naqvi said that a strong society is based on the good relationship among their people. Without having good relationships with each other society cannot move forward. Mufti Imran Khan said that scholars don’t have the solutions for our problems but Quran has, we have to read and understand the Quran to get the right path. “We need to be more patient and more sincere towards the teachings of Islam,” said Ahmed Qasmi.

 The Mohsin-e-Insaniat Conference was inaugurated with the recitation of the Holy Quran by the country’s renowned scholar Akbar Maliki. Famous Naat Khuwan Siddiq Ismail, Faisal Naqshbandi, Sabih Rehmani & Muhammad Asad Ayub Recited Naats. The conference was moderated by Aneeq Ahmed.

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