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8th founding day of Bazm-e-Asatiza Urdu Sindh

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi celebrated the 8th founding day of Bazm-e-Asatiza Urdu Sindh.

The impression that Asif Farrukhi has left on the world of poetry and society is unparalleled. He was a great novelist as well as a great critic. He was instrumental in encouraging young writers, said Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah while addressing the eighth founding day of “Bazm e Asatiza, Urdu Sindh” organized by Karachi Arts Council.

“Asif Farrukhi passed away very soon, I had a 40-year-old relationship with him. Asif Farkhi’s stories were translated into English and other languages. He was also a very good teacher. His death is nothing short of a tragedy for me” said Ahmed Shah.

Presiding over the gathering, Dr. Zafar Iqbal said that on Foundation Day, we strive to have some activities that lead to some learning process and try to invite new people to come and learn from the experience. I have a very old relationship with each of the personalities discussed today. I am grateful to the Arts Council and Ahmed Shah for the commendable work they have always done and are doing for teachers. Expressing his views, Dr. Irfan Shah said that this is the eighth founding day of Bazm-e- Asatiza Urdu Sindh. Bazm-e- Asatiza Urdu works concerning Urdu teachers from Sindh Higher Secondary Schools to Universities with the main objective of promoting Urdu as well as improving the teaching sector. On this occasion, President of Bazm-e-Asatiza Urdu Sindh Syed Asjad Bukhari and Dr. Zafar Iqbal presented awards to the teachers. Shazia Zahoor, Safdar Ali Khan Insha, Prof. Najmi Hassan, and others were among the teachers, they expressed their views and also recited poems.

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