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Arts Council: Candlelight Vigil for APS Martyrs

President Karachi Arts Council, Ahmed Shah said that “I don’t have words to express my feelings on the grave attack that took place five years ago in Peshawar. Terrorism has no religion and it is the primary responsibility of the state to dealt with all extremist elements in the most stern manner.”

“I pray to Almighty Allah that may all the beautiful souls rest in eternal peace,” Shah said.

Karachi Arts Council yesterday night on 16th December 2019, observed a candlelight vigil in the remembrance of the martyrs of Army Public School who lost their valuable lives in the deadly massacre that took place in Peshawar five years back.

President Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, Ahmed Shah held a candlelight vigil in the premises of the Council. Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalwani, veteran actor Talat Hussain, President Karachi Press Club, Imtiaz Khan Faran, journalists, students and members were also present to observe 5th anniversary of APS martyrs.

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