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Arts Council organized the “Chahar-bait”, a dying folk music

The Mehfil e Chahar -bait was held today on 8th September 2018 at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi in collaboration with Bazm e Shan Pakistan Chahar-bait Organization & Amroha Alliance International Organization. The theme of Chahar-bait was the “Pakistan Day”. There were amazing performances of Ustad Farukh Afzal, Ustad Anees Ahmed Khan & others. It was the small effort to rediscovering chahar-bait, a dying folk music form that travelled from Afghanistan. Chahar (four) bait (verse), as its name suggests, is a musical composition in which verses of four lines each are sung. The popular folk music form originated in Afghanistan. That was the reason why we found the moves of the singers so precise, as if set to a military rythm. It has roots in the war poetry of Arabia, where it was read out in battlefields to motivate soldiers.

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