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Condolence Reference Session, in the Memory of Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi

President Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that as the inflation in the world is increasing, the values of dignity and virtue are being extinguished from the world. He said that today, we are having the worst-case scenario of civility and social values. President art council Karachi Mohammad Ahmed Shah further said that despite of the fact that Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi was a very religious and pious man, he however used to mock knowledge arts and literature together. 

Former Amir (President) of Jamaat-e-Islami, Syed Munawar Hassan, said that since the 1960s, Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi had been associated with me as a faithful and truthful companion, but even in the long run of 60 years, there was no such incident or complaints. He was a man of dignity, honor and a high character. He expressed his thought provoking views in the condolence reference session which was held in the memory of Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, on Wednesday 4th July 2018, at arts council of Pakistan Karachi. He also expressed gratitude the management of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and president Muhammad Ahmed Shah on arrangement of condolence ceremony. 

He said Hashmi was a very restrictive man of discipline, and it is very difficult to find a human being as truthful, faithful and merciful in today’s world as Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi. With aching expression, he said that today the low number of attendants makes it clear that our social values are being excluded and passing away with all these good people, and tradition of our community living and sharing other’s grief is being omitted. Muhammad Ahmed Shah further shared his distress to the family of late Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi. Later, he prayed for the forgiveness of Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi.

Former provisional minister Dost Mohammad Faizi said that in the last few days, we lost the great man like Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi and now Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi is also passed away from this world, he said that Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi was the man of the high personality. Their friends and enemies used to be impressed by his good moral and patience. Leading Pakistani businessman Abdul Aziz Memon mentioned the time spent with Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi and said that he always had close ties with Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi. He never had a greed of any position and stood firmly in all sorts of bad situations. Abdul Aziz Memon said that today everyone believes that we have lost a great human being. 

Prof. Haroon Rashid has highlighted various aspects of life of Muzaffar Hashmi, as a close companion and said that Muzaffar Ahmad Hashimi was a lively man. He said that even he had passed away yet I still have the same importance and love for him in my mind as he used to have during his life. Ejaz Farooqi secretary arts council Karachi, said that Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi was a sincerely honest and truthful person, and even today his death seems unrealistic. Maqsood Yosufi spoke of Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi’s life and his efforts, saying that he was also very active in the case of his political and social activities including as the part of the Palestinian and Al-Quds Foundation.

Palestine Foundation’s representative Sabir Kerbelai said that Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi always called for the protest on Palestinian people and did unusual marvellous works for the Palestinian people’s rights. People from more than 60 countries sent condolence messages on his sad demise. We remember their activities and his great mission should be continued. He further added that after the general election, in memory of Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi, Palestinian Foundation Pakistan with the collaboration of arts council Karachi would like to organize Mushairah session to pay him great homage. Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, close companion Adil Ibrahim and Zohaib Tahir also expressed their views regarding the life of Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi. 

The family members of Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi were also present on the occasion, in which his brother Ghaioor Hashmi said that outside the family and within family, Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi was a kind and merciful person. They never received personal interest through politics. Ali Hashmi, son of Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, spoke on his father’s daily life and said he was very keen to study literature and history. He spent a lifetime of a humble and patient person and gave a lot of help to many people regarding employment.

Fatima, the granddaughter of Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi gave a great tribute to her grandfather through an emotional English speech, and said that the death of Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi is a vacuum in our lives that is impossible to fill. The condolence session was also chaired by many other prominent political and social figures of the city who paid tribute to Muzaffar Ahmad Hashmi and prayed in the wake of his forgiveness.


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