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Arts council organized Eid Milan, Dinner & Mango Party for its members

Arts council of Pakistan Karachi organized Eid Milan, Dinner & Mango party for its members on the evening of Sunday 1st July 2018, where the city’s largest social event
of the year was celebrated by more five thousand members and their families. The joyful occasion of the evening was attended by caretaker cultural minister Dr. Junaid Shah, Abdul Aziz Memon, Shamim Firpo, Professor Saher Ansari, Talat Hussain, Abdul Haseeb Khan, Dost Muhammad Faizi, Kishwar Zehra, Wusatullah Khan, Sardar Khan, Qadir Baldish Somroo, Mehboob Hasan, Zakir Mastana, Rauf Lala, Shakeel Siddiqui, A.H Khanzada, Uzma AlKareem, Saleem Mota, Ali Hasan, Abdul Majeed Abdani, , M. Ifraheem, Rehana Muhammad Ali Shah, Sadiq Muhammad, Anwar Iqbal, Shakeel Shah and many other re-known literary and social personalities.
President of Arts Council Karachi Mohammad Ahmed Shah expressed delight on participation of large number of members on the occasion, and welcomed the members and their families on the momentous event. Delightful dinner and mango treat was later served that evening which followed the musical program where the renowned singer Reena Irfan and young enthusiastic singers of the music academy arts council Karachi mesmerized the audience with their vivid musical performances. The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organizes Eid Milan party every year in the honor of its respectable members every year. In this year’s annual event, about five thousand members and their families celebrated the joyful night of Eid Milan Party.

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