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Arts Council arranged 2 days Annual Calligraphy Exhibition 2018

President of arts council Pakistan Karachi Mohammad Ahmed Shah said that  arts council of Pakistan will soon organize a National Calligraphy Exhibition where the diverse artistic work could be exhibited from multiple national artists. He shared his views on the art show of “Ramazan calligraphy exhibition” which was inaugurated at Manzar Akbar Hall, Arts council of Pakistan Karachi.  He further said that Arts council has been working on fine arts and the newly established building will offer 3 permanent art galleries where one gallery will demonstrates the work of master artist where as the other two would be reserved for seasonal artists and the students. This will be an ultimate platform to exhibit their artistic work. He further admired the exhibitor’s work and advised them to continue to improve their artistic abilities. 
The Annual Calligraphy Exhibition was held on 1st & 2nd June 2018 at Ahmed Pervez Art Gallery, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. The “Annual Calligraphy Exhibition” displayed the works of 39 talented artists from the metropolitan city of Karachi portraying the variety of artistic calligraphic works demonstrating thread on the wood, oil on leaf, mixed media, pen and ink, oil on canvas, water color, acrylic on canvas, Ink & water color, coffee on canvas and many other aesthetic art works where the huge crowd visited the occasion and got aspired from the Islamic calligraphic exhibition.

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